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Finance Wallpaper – Updated!

Enemy of Debt

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to keep going in our war against debt. Whether it be post-it notes on the fridge, standing in the mirror to repeat positive quote aspirations, or watching the change fill in the glass jar. I wanted to help in one more way to keep us motivated: Money Funk Financial Wallpaper to adorn our Computers. Clever, eh?

*Welcome Enemy of Debt readers. Looking to score Brad’s awesome wallpaper? Just click on the pic above and “Set as Background”. Enjoy!

  1. Click on picture of choice
  2. Right click picture and “Set as Background”

New cool colors!


I really hope for everyone of us to keep the drive going in paying down the debt or building a solid foundation. It may be a hard journey to walk down, but it will DEFINITELY BE WELL WORTH IT!

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