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Spend Less August Outcome

home_cookingI finally have a chance to tally my end results of the Spend Less Challenge hosted by the wonderful Musings of a Midlife Mom.

Previously, my family was spending an average $1200 per month on food alone.
We deemed not to eat out and we stuck to it.
Savings: $600 πŸ™‚

I racked up some extra income to help pay down my CCs (my 5 month personal challenge).
Done! πŸ™‚
Total made: $191.78

My goal was to send off $202 a week to pay down my CC.
Done! πŸ™‚
Still on track.

But it didn’t all come up roses. If you remember, I had to dip into my savings account because of my son’s expensive day, buying my ex groceries, and our unfree Universal Studios trip.
Total: -$931

The end result:
I did save $600 by spending less.
I made $191.78 selling stuff on Half.com and accepted an advertising deal on MoneyFunk.

Feelings on the month:
It hasn’t been easy. Not eating out is working out fine. But, limiting ourselves in the grocery store has us feeling the restraints a bit. Especially on my DH. Like being used to having unlimited papertowels that we buy at Costco. Now, we don’t go to Costco. And we only buy what we need for the week at the grocery store. Meals must be carefully planned and “extras” are limited.

But this challenge is only until the beginning of December. We can do it. We’ve discovered spending our time hiking or hanging with friends (all proved to be frugal so far) really help in our challenge. You look at things a different way.

I do like that I spend more time crafting at home, or cleaning out clutter, or finding a good book to read. Addressing a budget has you finding creative, but good ways to live. It takes time to adjust. But, can you imagine…if one gets used to living on a budget so that you can pay off debt sooner. Isn’t it all worth it? I think so!

It just came to mind… about finding “creative, but good ways to live”. I feel the limitness that my budget creates and am aware that I cannot spend what I do not have to spend. So, what did I decide to do? I decided to take on the Earn More Challenge started by Planning for Everything. If I don’t have the money to spend than I am gonna go out and make more! LOL

So, now its the September’s EMC (earn more challenge) that will hopefully help me rehabilitate my Hawaii/Emergency fund! Onward! πŸ™‚

p.s. – I had no idea this group would grow so large. I think its really cool!