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Week’s Round Up: The Ripple Effect

*Happy Friday! There are times in one’s life where family and friend’s take priority. This is one of them. As I take off the weekend to be with them, I hope these great posts keep you busy! There are so many talented writers!

This Week’s Round-up

Planting Dollars: Is Passive Income Possible?, is a rebuttal of sorts to the guest post featured on Fiscal Fizzle’s, called: There is No Such Thing as Passive Income.

Investor Junkie: Are you Saving Too Much? speaks out about our common issue in finding a happy financial medium between saving versus spending.

Get Rich Slowly: has a guest post, written by @ericabiz, called, Outsourcing Life: Unconventional Advice for When You’re Financially Secure. It marks my sentiments exactly for wanting to outsource. πŸ˜€

Financial Samurai: allowed @LeanLifeCoach guest post a terrific article called Marketing or Manipulation? (how consummerism sucks you in). Financial Samurai also twittered about a great archived post of his, called The DVD Method to CD Investing: The Only Way to Achieve Maximum Yield (tis a passive way to generate extra cash?)

Rainy-Day Saver: says to keep in a close eye on your credit card statements in Credit Card Interest Rate Increases: Excellent Credit Be Damned.

Young and Thrifty: did a good job with this post on Does Living Together Before Marriage Save You Money?.

Foreigner’s Finance: great post about How to Avoid My 3 Novice Investment Mistakes. Eventually soon, I would like to invest. This article is bookmarked to be reread.

Little House in the Valley: Why the 70’s Rock is a walk down memory lane. πŸ˜‰

Ultimate Money Blog: How to Make Mouthwash offers a frugal way to leave a minty clean feeling in your mouth. Be sure to check out the toothpaste recipe and how to make your own shampoo.

*Original content has been revised. Friday’s are to be happy.