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Unplug and Strengthen Relationship Bonds

Do you realize how much time you spend ‘plugged in’? Plugged into the television, the computer, the video games, the cell phone and other electronic gadgets alike.

If you are anything like my family then you are ‘plugged in’ quite a bit! Especially the kids. It’s a necessity, not a luxury in their book. Guilty as charged; we have a television in every room, stereos in 3 rooms, a phone in two rooms, 3 out of 4 have their own cell phone, 3 or 4 game systems in my son’s room, a computer in two rooms of the house and a electricity bill to prove it (and here I thought having a pager was such a luxury item to have as a teen)! *geesh*

Do you sincerely realize how much time is spent on these items? alot


Well, being too plugged in is starting to become an issue in my family. At least it is for me. We are spending more time attached to the gadgets and less time as a family unit. It’s not working for me. I miss crafting with my daughter or hanging our with my son or spending time with my husband. Gadgets all have us doing our own thing. If I plan on simplifying my family’s life than that means stregthening my relationships bonds, too.

Simple way to do it: UNPLUG!

I hear the rambeling now: “unplug? how am I going to blog?” “but my favorite show is on!” “wait til later when my show is over” but I am playing an online game with my friend’s right now”


But there is amazing outcome transcends from spending quality time unplugged from electronics. I have seen a few times before (sounds like an endangered species) when I have regrouped the family for quality time. Result: the kids laugh, they actually say things like “thank you” for the outing, and they tend to tell me they want to do it again. Go figure! 🙂

Should you think of Unplugging for a day, here are some things you can do with your day:

  • pack a lunch basket, throw down a blanket, and have a picnic
  • go visit a family member or friend in person instead of texting
  • put on the hiking boots to take a trek through some tranquil scenery
  • play some raquetball
  • go for a day at the lake or beach
  • find a free city event

Like I once said, “I realize that the true life I want to live is not about the items I can buy, but about the experiences I can create”

So, are you willing to try unplugging for a day? And what frugal, unplugged ideas do you have to share?