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If you give a Mouse a Cookie (my edition)

  • If you give a woman a (personal finance) blog,
    she is going to lay her financial life out there.
  • When she lays out her financial life,
    she’ll find out it is in disarray.
  • When she realizes the extent of her dysfunctional financial life,
    she’ll ask for a tracking sheet.
  • Then she’ll want to update it everyday.
  • When she notices the (large) amount of credit card debt,
    she’ll notice she needs to do some card cutting.
  • So, she’ll probably ask for a pair of scissors.
  • When she’s finished cutting up her credit cards in little, tiny pieces,
    she’ll feel like cleaning the clutter out of another place.
  • She’ll start cleaning the house.
  • She might get carried away and clean every room in the house.
  • She may even completely declutter the closets and cupboards as well!
  • When she’s done, she’ll probably want to bag it all up.
  • She’ll throw it all in her car, take it to the Goodwill and donate the stuff to charity.
  • When she comes home,
    she’ll get excited at the thought, “less is more”.
  • Then she will look at the computer will remind her that…
  • she needs to share the excitement with you.
  • So…
  • She’ll open up her blog editor.
  • And chances are that when she opens up her blog,
    she is going to lay out her financial life (and tell you her excitement)!

I’ve been a CLEANING MAD WOMAN this weekend! Cleaned out closet and cupboards. My daughter cleared out 3 bags of old toys and clothes. I found a few items in the house that I took pics and am placing for sale at my work’s eBoards (selling mecha at work. Neat, huh?). But the rest of my stuff, I immediately packed in the car and drove it straight to Goodwill. If I didn’t complete that task right away, it would of piled up in our garage. Yes, I did consider a garage sale. But, until I find the time to clear out the remainder of the house…it would have piled up in our garage. It didn’t fit my mentality at that moment. I just wanted to GET RID OF IT! And so, I did. πŸ™‚

I still have a couple rooms left. The garage needs a serious decluttering, too. But, we are planning on doing a rehaul of the garage in the spring (new workbench, shelves, every box will be sorted and put into new rubbermaid boxes that are clearly labeled, the unused stuff will be sent to Goodwill, etc…). I will be sure to take pics of the before and after. That is going to be such a tiring project. But, so worth it!

Anyhow, back to clearing the Clutter. I thought it would be cute to mimic my thoughts to the kid’s story, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. My daughter and I love to read it as a bedtime story. Same with, “If you have a Moose a Muffin”. A lot of times I ponder on the moral of a story in relations with money. Or even an event, like gardening (but, I will bring that analogy up in a future post). It’s kind of neat to see how the simple lessons in life can mean so much.

Perhaps that is why Confucius became so important with his teaching known as “brief aphoristic fragments”. Fragments with big meanings.

Clear out the clutter ladies. It will immediately lighten your mood! And it may fatten your wallet, too. πŸ™‚

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