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Tis the Holiday Pandemonium has Begun

“Merry Christmas to you……”

I write you today while I sit at my dining table and listen to Holly songs on the XM station. “Kind of early?”, you say. True. But, I am kind of in the spirit as I have started the Holiday Pandemonium.

Well, it’s that time of year that I vow not to become overstressed. I am trying to stick to my guns on that one. And in order to that, it is important to PLAN! PLAN! PLAN! Oh yes, and stick to a plan. ‘Do not deviate’, I tell myself.

Here is part of my plan and what I have accomplished:

1. Make list of everyone you would like to get gifts for this year – DONE

2. Make list of everyone you need to send Christmas cards – DONE

  • a. Everyone that gets a family photo Christmas card
  • b. Everyone that gets a general, but beautiful Christmas card
  • 3. Ordered Christmas cards – DONE Cost: $19.99 for two sets of 10. – DONE
    Wanna See?
    Don’t laugh. πŸ˜‰

    I really am not thrilled of my pic. Of course, we, as women, are always so critical of ourselves. One, I have been walking around Knott’s all day long. Two, I forgot to throw on the make-up. Darn! So, be it. This is actually our first photo together as a family! lol!

    Both men remark, “it looks as if we are going to shoot eachother”. Boys will be boys!

    4. 19 Coworkers and 1 Teacher – Cost: $26.00 – Equals $1.30 per person.DONE

    “Bravo”, I say!

    Just a little token to say MERRY CHRISTMAS: 6 Bags of Christmas Chocolates (sale at Target 3 bags for $7); 1 box of 60 Mint Mini Candy Canes $1.99; 1 package of 60 Foil Christmas tree gold seals; 28 Christmas Treat bags $4.98

    It’ll work if I don’t pop open the bags for myself. haha. I bought 100 Grand, Hershey’s Nuggets with Almonds, Kisses with Almonds, Dark Chocolate Mounds, M&M;’s, and Christmas Snicker Mini’s. Hey, these women love there chocolate! πŸ™‚

    5. What is left?

  • The Christmas cards should be here soon. I will have enough Gold Seals left over to Write, Stamp, and Lick the cards ready for delivery. What is a good time to mail them so that they get there on time? I always wait until last minute. Sometimes, they don’t make it out. I know, I am terrible!
  • Shop for those gifts – my list is ready! – The kid’s gifts, the husband’s gifts, next door neighbor’s mini gifts (husband’s tradition), and all other family members will be getting a warm thank U and pic of the present/food that was donated in their name to our local Adopt-a-Family. My extended family is Humanitarian like this. I think they will really enjoy knowing they helped family’s to have a good Christmas. Warm Fuzzies.
  • Take the pics of those gifts and get developed
  • Bake Sugar Cookies – I have the ultimate recipe for sugar cookies and Icing. Thank you Allrecipes.com!
  • Wrap and Enjoy the Holiday spirit
  • I really would like to put down: buy logs for fireplace. But it is mid-80’s right now! Way to hot for this season.

    Where does your holiday planning stand at? Or have you not even had a chance to think about it?!

    Plan! Plan! Plan! I think that is definitely going to be my key to staying on Holiday Budget this year. And I am doin’ Okay so far around the Holiday Glitz.

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