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My 1st Client

Yeah! I made snowflake money!

As you all know, I started PB consulting. Kept putting little efforts into the thought of starting this side business. Even though I wasn’t 100% ready to go live, I decided to dive in head first. Why? Because, if I didn’t than I would just keep putting ‘little efforts’ with no start. I had to push myself. Dive into the unknown.

I put an ad in Craigslist.org on Friday and bam! Didn’t expect that, but it was cool. And I was totally nervous. But my DH is awesome in helping me face my fears.

Fortunately, my 1st Client ended up being a straightforward issue. It gave me the opportunity to see what needed to be tweeked or upgraded. My processes at this time are pretty good. With a few more clients, it will be fantastic!

PB consulting is equal to being a number detective. I love researching and tweeking things until they work. So, I think this was a good decision for me.

I want to take on a few more clients and update my processes before I put in more advertising to build this consult business up.

PS – Thank U for all your inspiration & support! I know I haven’t had a chance to comment on all your blogs as much as I’d like, but just wanting you to know that I still read them just as much.

PSS – The Breaded Tofu was great!

PSSS – Tried a new dessert recipe: Kraft Foods Creamy Lemon Squares. Verdict: Totally worth it if you love lemon. 🙂