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2010 New Year’s Resolutions

2010 New Year Resolutions… I was kindly reminded by Frugal Zeitgeist that the New Year would be upon us in a few days. “I haven’t made any New Resolutions”, I thought. “Or even reflected on last year’s resolutions.”

2009 resolutions… I made a gazillion resolutions. You know what? I’m not even going to look back on them. Why? Because I realize that the 2009 resolutions were all about slowing down in my life; to wake up and smell the roses. So, the list of resolutions were to help me to reflect on that purpose.

I did accomplish 2009 with that intent. Although, it was not done by the list. I seemed to have in the back of my mind and with each movement, to fulfill each step with full accomplishment and in ways to step out of my comfort zone.

Financially, I slowed down to focus intently on paying down the debt. And if you look at our progress made you can see there was a big difference between this year and last. I did not rush, pay what I thought was right, and charged when I thought ‘I can pay this later. We’ll get back on track.’ Instead I slowed down, focused more, took control, realized with each step taken where exactly I needed to go and adamantly stuck to my guns about not using things (like credit cards) that would inhibit our journey.

In my life, I spent more time with my family, tried to connect closely with my kids (especially because raising teenagers scares me), I learned to cook new recipes (even if I didn’t get around to making biscotti), hiked more with my husband, took out my sewing maching, I picked up crocheting and reading nonusual subjects. So, in my own ways I learned to slow down and enjoy the moment.

I took control of my time instead of time taking control of me.

And at the same time, my work life was extremely hectic! New programs, new standard of procedures… 2009 was a crazy year for new situations with much discomfort. December I could begin to feel it slowing down and making a normal pace for myself again. *Thankfully*

2009 slow down movement has taught me not to rush into things (as much). It has taught me to chart a course right for me, at times to step back and look at the situation as a whole instead of parts. To partake in a process with full course (not to skimp or rush through it). To accept people are at different marks in their journey; some may be ahead of me and some behind or some right with me. And that their successes are good to take gratitude in and understand that my day will come to rejoyce in my own successes.

Now that I realize I need to chart a course that is right for me and to take ample strides to achieve them with gratitude I have only two resolutions to make for the 2010 New Year.

  1. I have always wanted to travel the world and told my self I would begin at 18….then 30….now that I am almost 40 *eek! sounds so old* I have yet to accomplish my goal. There are always excuses to not make it happen. Well, I can’t do that anymore or I am going to regret one of my greatest dreams.

    2010 I will chart my first destination course. When I am debt-free where will I travel first? I will plan a 21 day trip most likely touring the Europe; charting its costs, the hotels, the sites I want to visit, etc…

  2. I will be putting together a new Snowball Schedule thru What’s the Cost. It is going to be my goal to beat it by at least $5,000. I am definitely motivated to get back on my “I’m Selling Everything” mission to get out of debt. Or perhaps it may be with the help of picking up overtime (a potential opportunity may come up in April).

    If I meet this goal then I am that much closer to reaching my dream in #1 – travel the world when I am debt-free.

What are your 2010 New Year Resolutions?

BTW, Have a Happy & Safe New Year’s celebration!