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Money Funk goes Comic

Dream Come True!

I was thrilled to find out I was going to be written into the next PF Comic! I love comic books! So this is seriously a dream come true. I LOVE YOU Brad for writing in my character.

Fred from Credit Card Daily sent me the Sneak Preview via email. I was so giddy when I opened up my email!

Look at those bedroom eyes? Francis, the awesome illustrator of this comic … Thank you for making me look so dreamy!

See… way back in the day, Brad (Enemy of Debt) and J. Money (Budgets are Sexy) had this ‘friendly’ credit card debate on my post, 6 Financial Things I Wish I had Known When Starting Out in Life. It was a great debate. So Brad referred to the post when submitting his story line to Fred at Credit Card Daily. Awesome!

Check out Credit Card Rewards or Credit Card Regrets, Part One of this PF Comic. It also stars:

Don’t forget, Part Two of Credit Card Rewards or Credit Card Regrets PF Comic #5 will be:

  • On the 2nd of June where they will reveal what Enemy of Debt’s next move is to the J.Money’s zany gambling habits!
  • What has happened to Baker?
  • Will Money Funk be ok?

Serious Awesomeness! And J. Money, shame on you! That knock out with the skateboard had to seriously throw some pain on Enemy of Debt! 😉

Illustrator: Francis Vallejo – Graphics, Panel Layout and Inking (and totally cute)
Story: Brad Chaffee
Editor: Fred Schebesta

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