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Top 20 Biggest Money Wasters (w/ Fun Giveaway)

The Kraken is a mythical sea monster of gargantuan size. When this massive creature surfaced from the ocean depths, its wake caused an enormous whirlpool which sucked ship and crew down with it. Ocassionally the kraken would drag down entire ships with its tentacles. The arms of the Kraken were said to beable to reach as high as the top of a sailing ship’s mast.

In the 1981 version of Clash of the Titans, Perseus uses the decapitated head of Medusa to turn the Kraken into stone to prevent it from ravaging the city of Joppa and killing the sacrificial Andromeda.

Top 20 Biggest Money Wasters

If you are looking for ways to increase your cash flow, than look to see if your spending habits fall into any of these money wasters below.

The Kraken is a great metaphor for these Top 20 Biggest Money Wasters:

  1. Eating Out
  2. Pet Product Market
  3. Brand Names
  4. Gym Memberships
  5. Extended warrenties
  6. Subscriptions you never use
  7. Car Washes
  8. ATM fees
  9. Overdraft fees
  10. Informercial Products
  11. Paying for Storage
  12. Wrong Cell Phone Plan
  13. Going out to the Movies
  14. Alcoholic Drinks at Restaurants
  15. Energy Drinks
  16. Lottery Tickets
  17. Strip Clubs
  18. Driving a Gas Guzzler
  19. Buying a New Car
  20. Convenience Stores

Can you think of any others?

To Use Medusa’s Head on the Kraken in your own life….

Let me help you keep/get your personal finances in order. Let me giveaway something fun! So that you don’t need to spend the money on such money wasters, like those listed above.


MoneyFunk has been graciously been given a $25 Gift Card for the Movie Theater from Fandango.com to bestow on you my great readers. Just in time for the release of Clash of the Titans (link to trailer – Awesome). (okay, maybe I had to bat the puppy dog eyes a little to get the tickets…)

To Enter the Giveaway
Find the Kraken

The Kraken (like the one in the pic above) is also hiding somewhere in one of these 5 posts (listed below). When you find the Kraken, follow the instructions posted below its picture. Have fun hunting!


Only open to U.S (sorry if you are outside of the U.S.)

Must have valid email address

Only 1 entry per person

Winners with the correct answer will be picked by random drawing

Contest ends Wednesday, March 31st @8pm (PST)

Posts needed to search
  1. 7 Free Printable Budget Worksheets
  2. Homemade Cleaning Recipes
  3. How to Make a Budget
  4. 20 Ways to Cut Expenses
  5. 28 Ways to Make Extra Money
Happy Hunting!

This contest is closed. Winner will be contacted shortly. Congratulations to Roger of The Amateur Financier!