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Mission Statement for Success

My Purpose
I started working with business consultant, Karen Knowler. Granted she is a Raw Food Coach (yes, I have been successfully living a raw foods lifestyle 65% for 3 weeks now), but this lady offers some powerful information that can apply to any business!

So, I started the first course, Brillant Branding, because I was considering starting a nutritional business (my other hobby – eating right). Then soon realized that I just have too much on my plate and it would not be optimal to find success under stress. Plus, Karen said something that made a lot of sense. Her consultant told her to do: FOCUS ON ONE THING YOU ARE REALLY GOOD AT.

Click! I had a lightbulb moment like Sharon @ Musings of a Midlife Mom had the other day. If I plan to start a solid business for success I first need to build a solid foundation for that business to stand on! AKA – I need to pay off my debt and build a good savings account.

Of course, it sounds like reiterated mumbo jumbo. But now it’s in perspective. I need to make paying off my debt (following Dave Ramsey’s Financial Plan) my one thing to become really good at! When I started Money Funk, it was to write about my family’s journey about getting out of debt. And I am aware that at times my focus teeters up and down. Now it is my mission to put it back into it’s main perspective. How? Write a Mission Statement.

Money Funk’s Mission Statement

Purpose or Vision: To get out of debt, journal my progress, and inspire others to do the same!

Mission: To obtain a debt-free lifestyle, to build a solid PF foundation, to build a successful business to follow!

Values: Family, Financial Independence, Frugality, Growth, Optimism, Persistance, and Adventure

Personality: Honest, Hard-working, Dependable, Productive, Focused

Positioning: Having success in my PF journey

Target Market: People & Families carrying debt & trying to get out of it

Writing a mission statement is a great tool for anyone; for business or personal use. What are you wating for? What is your mission?

Karen Knowler is The Raw Food Coach and former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK’s Raw and Living Foods organisation. With 16 years of personal experience of eating a raw food diet, Karen has been teaching, writing and coaching professionally on raw foods for over a decade. For more information please check out The Raw Food Coach

{Photo by Linda Cronin}