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Brunch with Christine

Our family went on their 1st big family vacation with success! And as a surprise to our kids. If you recall, I told you all that we were keeping it from the kids. And we did it!

The night before we were washing clothes, charging electronics, and secretly packing our bags. Well, I needed the bag from our son’s closet and had to tell him something. So we used the San Francisco for Easter holiday excuse. He was excited, as he loves San Francisco and spending time with my aunt. We told him not to tell his sister. Low and behold they had no idea where we were going.

The next morning, we woke my daughter up and told her, “get up, get ready, we’re going on an aeroplane!”. That was easy. She was up and ready thinking we were going to San Francisco, too. Hee-hee.

Got to the airport, checking in our bags and the ticket lady says, “Lucky, you guys are going to Maui!”. Should have seen the kids faces drop. Sheer silence. Then smiles crept on their faces and we were off for fun in the sun. Made for a great April Fool’s prank.

Thank you for all your suggestions in Traveling with Teens/Tweens. They worked out great! We pulled off a successful trip using your suggestions. The hotel room had free WiFi. So we let the kids bring their computers. This was perfect for down time.

We also gave the kids $75 each to spend as they liked. For my son, this worked out great; gave him his independence. My daughter… well she went a bit stir crazy with shopping madness. That’s all she wanted to do. So we went into Lahaina for dinner and shopping.

The kids were so responsible and got along great with each other. Was amazing. I think we need to go on vacation more often! They were able to run around the resort without us and do their own thing. They made friends. Went to a Laua. Had a great time.

The Hike

We booked the Rainforest/Waterfall hike with Maui Eco-Adventures. It was a continental breakfast, lunch, transportation and guided tour on a ‘private property’ (at $100 per person). Now I quote because this ‘private property’ because it is accessible to all. It’s called The Swinging Bridges of Waihe’e Valley – it is $6 per person and a moderately easy hike for any person (did you see that? $6 per person).

Okay, so maybe we paid a tad alot for the hike, but our guide Eric was very knowledgeable about Maui and its eco system. I was thoroughly impressed. If you’ve never been to Maui then I say its worth the money for everything included. Unfortunately for us, too much rainfall caused the pass to be closed (due to flooding). We only made it 1/2 way up the trail. 🙁 However, we did cross the two swinging bridges and see the waterfalls from a distance (but I was really looking forward to swimming at the waterfalls).

Even though it was not EcoMaui.com fault for the 1/2 a hike due to natural causes, I none the less requested 1/2 my refund. And they graciously did so. *woosh*

Christine’s Agenda

  • Started a Money Funk Facebook Fan Page (still a wee bit to do in the decor area)
  • Increased my gross salary deductions to my 403(b) by investing my ‘raise wages’ received early this year.
  • Has started working on an eBook to offer to readers for subscribing to Money Funk via email
  • Changed the format to this website (again? yes, again)
  • I put up a Money Funk bookstore with all the great personal finance titles!
  • Updated my 404 error page. Kind of cute.

This morning’s breakfast

This morning’s breakfast comes from Sugarcrafter. I have been promising my little one a big plate of french toast lathered in butter and syrup. Served with a side of sausage and fresh squeezed OJ.

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