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Managing your Finances

What does managing your finances and cleaning out your daughter’s room have in common?

Please don’t judge to harshly… my 9 year old has collections of everything (including snails that she is keeping in a bug catcher – ewww). She collects fast food toys, pencils, art drawings, rocks, change, pooh bear & friends, stuffed animals, hidden candy, books, water bottles, etc… She hides alot of those things in small tin boxes, bags, and purses. I finally got a day off and decided to tackle her room. We go thru this about every 3 months.

When you wake up one day to declare that you are going to manage your finances, it’s like looking at a messy room.

the Mess! The collection of stuff

You really have no idea what you owe and where your money goes. But you know that it falls into a black hole (or a big box like the picture above). πŸ˜‰

There is just a muck of stuff. Where do your start???

  • Well you start piddling thru the pile and find junk you can shred.
  • You keep digging and find some sweet moments that were prize finds at the time (see candy wrappers below). You spent good hard earned money on that wanted find… at that time. Now its just another item going to charity or trash.

see the candy wrappersdarn girl has a sweet tooth!

  • You keep digging and sorting into piles of: need to pay, file away these records, shred, and trash (see trash pile below).

oh! the trash!

  • Soon the clarity starts to come around. You take note of what you have and what needs to be dealt with. You begin to organize and prioritize those finances. You realize that even though it seems like an insurmountable task, YOU CAN DO IT! You can tackle and pay off that debt to acheive a great life.

Sooooo much better!

  • But, you also realize that there is so much more to life now that it’s clear. Now that you have cleared the junk, organized the important stuff to find it swiftly and have a solid plan to deal with it. You can now attend to those things that once only dreams were made of. Now you can make them reality.

What’s your dream reality you plan to live when the debt is paid down?

My daughter’s room?

Oh, I threw out a heap of trash! Compiled one bag of good outfitted clothes to give to charity, put one box of unused stuffed animals away for another play day (works great to recycle toys biyearly because then they feel they have something new), condensed the two boxes down to one in hopes of curbing her collection happy hobby.

Now, wouldn't you rather have organized?

And you know what? She won’t miss a thing I trashed, because I kept all the memorable items. How can I be for sure? Like I said… I do this about every 3 months and she has yet to tell me anything is missing. πŸ˜‰

Finances have to be kept under control. We’ll have to do it for the remainder of our lives. But have a good system and it won’t bar you from tending to your other wonderful tasks like gardening, spending time with family, traveling and just playing.

U.S. or Not… Find your Independence & Freedom! Have a Happy 4th of July weekend!

Happy Independence Day!

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