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Make Money Blogging


Have you considered making revenue from your blog to help pay down your debt? Blogging can help bring in a few extra dollars to supporting a full-time lifestyle.

At one time, I mentioned that I wanted to make a $1000 in extra income; to downshift certain areas of my life to make more time to spend with my family.

After refocusing my agenda and blog, I am getting closer to that goal – bringing in a few hundreds dollars on Money Funk to help pay down the debt.

In this post I want to share with you some of those avenues for making money on your blog.

Be aware – each blog makes money in its own unique way – some advertising avenues work better than others. The thing is to experiment with different avenues until you find that one that works for you.

Listed in order are the blogging income avenues that work for Money Funk.

  1. Private Ad Sales


    Advertise HerePrivate Ad sales have proved to be my main source of blogging income. At this time, private ads are in the form of text links placed within my sidebar. I hope to expand this to including 125 x 125 banner ads located in the sidebar.


  3. Google Adsense

    google-adsenseReformatting some areas of my blog have helped produce an increase in blogging income. Currently, I use google search, a 468×60 pixel image ad in the home page header, 468×60 pixel text ad in the blog page header, a 336×280 pixel text ad in the blog page footer, and a 160×600 pixel text ad in the sidebar. I also have a 336×280 pixel image ad in the lower sidebar, but this is more of a space filler in my sidebar. The key is to place Adsense ads where your eyes wander.

  4. Amazon Affiliates


    This has started to show some promise for Money Funk. Most of the sales are generated through book sales and tutorials from previous posts.



  6. Commission Junction


    commission junction

    Commission Junction’s network provides publishers with opportunities to partner with leading advertisers while having access to millions of links and offers. This has provided me with a small income stream. I tend to link general products not associated with personal finance, just to break up the monotony. One exception, I offer a great place to print grocery coupons free of charge and receive a referral rate for your click (located as a text link in sidebar). I plan to experiment further commission junction’s advertising links.


There are many sites that offer great advice to make money blogging. Two of my favorite links are ProBlogger and Christian Personal Finance.