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I want a life like this and week

So, Millionaire Mommy Next Door did a wonderful interview with Billy and Akaisha Kaderli. I think it is a lifestyle many of us dream about (as you will see when you read). Me, I intend to research it. I have been devising a 5 year plan (thank you to No More Spending for springing the idea!) that will help me to grand scheme a similar lifestyle of my dreams (will post soon).

Which has me wanting to ask you? How frugally restrictive are you willing to become to execute a grand scheme? And is your significant other (if applicable) willing to go with it?

I am trying to get my hubby to cut the cell phone, cable tv, and internet bills (imagine how creative one could become because of this or how much more quality family time could carried out). I don’t feel we use this things enough to account for the money we put forth. This frees up $400 a month and will allow us to obtain our ‘goals’ much sooner. But, he is not jiving. Says he is not giving up anymore. Anyone had similar experience? And how did you deal?

Mental Note:
future posting:

  • My 5 year plan
  • Enjoy the day! Especially knowing you are one day closer to the weekend!

    And don’t forget to R.E.A.C.H. for your goals!

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