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iPhone vs Blackberry: did I get the wrong phone?

Exchanging contact information is an important process in networking whether for business or personal obligations; write a number on a cocktail napkin or exchange a business card for future reference. Well now, technology has taken exchanging contact information to the savviest level and I am quite jealous.

Last night, I was reading my newest edition of Entrepreneur
magazine to find an app that caught my attention – it is called “Bumping”. Tres cool! It is a bump application available on the iphone. As Michael Dinan from TMCNET.com puts it, “One Pow at a Time”.

The ‘bump’ app, developed by Bump Technologies LLC, uses location-based technology and WiFi to exchange contanct information between two iPhones. You open up the app and ‘bump’ with the person with whom you want to exchange contact information. It’s a virtual business card transferred into your phone within seconds… maybe even miliseconds. With my Type A personality this would be a great app to have for exchanging contact info with potential business or personal contacts.

But, I own the Blackberry Curve. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my phone for its Ãœbertwitter and Facebook App. But I don’t have a ‘bump’ app, I have a Barcode that needs to be scanned. Tis not as fun sounding.

The process is similar in that you open up the Instant Messenger 5.0 contact list to Invite and scan. Again, the contact information is transferred within seconds.

Do I leave my provider to transfer to another provider who offers the iPhone? Do I pay an expensive termination fee to gain the fun app called, ‘bumping’? *sigh*

Wait! I found a solution: Verizon Wireless (my provider) now offers the Motorola DROID
with Google’s Android 2.0. And you know what? I can download & use the Bump Application. I’m in Love.