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The Instant Millionaire: A Tale of Wisdom & Wealth

by Mark Fisher
Book Review & Giveaway

Do you ever wonder why you read all your favorite financial blogs day in and day out? I feel there are various reasons. One reason might be to learn how to improve our frugal saavy ways. The second reason might be to learn how to invest your money properly to insure a secure future. The third reason… we’re looking for that magic formula to make us instantly rich. Get rich quick headlines always catch our eye. {Don’t tell me you don’t read that stuff. *pshh* You’re reading this post, right?} 😉

I admit, I don’t have a get rich quick scheme lurking in this post. But what I do have is the financial tool to set you on the millionaire path. If that is what you chose… keep reading.

You see, financial blogs basically denote the same basic tone or structure:

  1. Get rid of the debt
  2. Save, save, save
  3. Invest
  4. Build wealth

Then, its about finding a blog to read that speaks to us, resonates to our financial values or place in our journey. It’s about finding someone or someplace to share our financial progressions, rants, and questions. Thus building a great bond between reader and blogger {I have met some awesome people this way – all of you!}.

So where was I going with this… if every financial blog or website offers the structure for building wealth, why are we not all millionaires? Why do some people succeed in becoming millionaires while others only dream about it? What do they know that others don’t?

I am going to tell you…

because Millionaires understand and practice the principles of success

Want to learn the “instant millionaire” principles? Read on…

The Instant Millionaire: A Tale of Wisdom and Wealth
(New World Library, August 15, 2010)
written by millionaire Mark Fisher

Millionaire Mark Fisher writes this memorable fable based on the true story of his meeting with an old man who passed on his secrets of success.

In practical, ready-to-implement lessons, the “instant millionaire” shares the ideas and actions that can give anyone the mentality of a millionaire {really, its pretty good stuff}. Here is a tidbit of the book’s supportive wisdom:

  • “To get rich, you have to know the secrets of wealth. Most people aren’t ready to accept these secrets even if they are revealed to them in very simple terms. Their greatest limitation is their own lack of imagination.”

    I truly believe the reason most of us don’t acheive true wealth is because people keep a closed mind. The adage, “we are our worst enemy” stands true. Open your mind to seizing opportunites and taking risks.

  • People who waste time waiting for the perfect conditions to fall into place never get anything done. The ideal time for action is now!”

    The fable tells, “If you want to succeed in life, you have to make sure you have no choice in the matter. You have to put your back against the wall. People who vacillate and refuse to take risks because they don’t have all the elements in hand never get anywhere.” (pg 22).

    I agree with that last sentence. I used to be known for never starting something because I wanted to be successful right from the top. In fact blogging has taught me a great deal about putting one foot in front of the other. Just as Dave Ramsey guidance gave me the snowball method to be successful in paying down my debt and building my net worth.

  • “Everything that happens to you is a product of your thoughts. So if you want to change your life, you must start by changing your thoughts.”

    Have faith! As the fable continues, “I must warn you that becoming a millionaire will probably seem to easy. But don’t let simplicity deceive you. Each time you begin to have doubts, remember Mozart: true genius reside in simplicity. With time, as wealth magnetically attracted to you in the most unexpected way, you’ll begin to understand.”(pg 36)

  • “The simple act of putting your goals, deadlines, and sums on paper is the first steps toward transforming your ideal into its material equivalent.”

    Hello?! We all write down our goals. You keep a budget, right? And a net worth sheet? We already have a great roadmap to guide us! So answer this, “how much do you expect to earn next year?” or if you are paying down debt, “how much debt do you plan to pay down by next year?”. Most successful people can tell you on a dime. If you couldn’t answer, up your goal one by listing an amount and making a deadline for reaching it {example, I plan to pay off an extra $5,000 of debt by July 14, 2011. Be precise.}

Of course, I can’t tell you all the awesome principles told in this fable. It’s for you to seek the remaining ready-to-implement lessons and put them into practice {magic word, ‘practice’}. The fable has similarities to The Richest Man in Babylon. Which means, the book’s 121 pages gives you the core structure for acheiving wealth. That the secret to becoming a millionaire doesn’t take a library of books to learn. Just one book and a couple of hours. It’s known as the “instant millionaire” because the young man grasped the true secret of making a fortune overnight. And so can you. What are you waiting for?

Kim from New World Library is making a copy available for a giveaway! To enter do one of the following:

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Each task is an entry. Complete them all for an increased chance of winning! Since I don’t get back from camping until Monday night… will leave the giveaway open until Tuesday, September 14th. Look forward to hearing if you were able to answer your financial goals on a dime! Oh ya, and leave a comment telling me what you did to enter the giveaway!

The Instant Millionaire: A Tale of Wisdom and Wealth

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