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Can Money Buy Happiness?

I’m at a farm in Northern Nevada, spending time with family and friends, in a gorgeous multimillion dollar home with a breath taking view.

As I sit hear drinking my coffee on a leather couch positioned in front of a monster stone fireplace and a huge wall of windows, I wonder can money buy happiness?

Now let me explain. I’ve commented a few times about wanting to acquire significant wealth to buy a big home and all it’s glory. Yes, it’s a selfish goal but one I will accomplish with tons of hard work. 

“Dreams are made a size too big so that you can grow into them.”

I want the big house with lots of rooms, granite countertops, bathrooms that look like hotel spas, mass king fireplace, acreage for gardens and my husband’s cattle & horses. I want it all. It’s where I want to spend my hard earned investments.

But it’s not all for monetary reasons. Like this house holds the whole big clan on a visit; everyone couple has there own room. The kids have a gorgeous playhouse/bedroom. The children get to feed the trout, ride the horses, and run around on the tractor. They also get to learn horseman skills and how to fish. The family gets to gather around the large open kitchen chatting up memories. The boys get to man it up around the BBQ and patio. The family concept is awesome! And I would be honored to be that house that gathers my family and future grandchildren in a big ole house.

Can money buy happiness? Well, the family gathering is the happiness, of course. The money can increase it’s fun. And as my goal, I’d rather enjoy investing in it’s material glory for the cause.

Do you think it’s wrong to have such selfish goals? Do you have selfish goals of your own that you want to share? Be fun to hear them. Have a Happy Memorial weekend.

– Money Funk

I wanted to post a pic but WP and iPad are not working together.

When Dreams Come True the end is a Surreal Feeling

**Warning: Personal info may be TMI (too much information)**

The other night, Brad Pitt and me had thee best night of raunchy passion. Kicked back to eat Indian food at a small restaurant in Thailand, went back to my room at the hotel and…the rest is my history. 😉

Okay, so it was only a really damn good dream, but if my intentions are to make my dreams come true than this fantastic night of playful fun is a great indication that when dreams come true the end is a surreal feeling.

Flexo from Cosumerism Commentary wrote a great piece called Start the Decade Off Right: Do Something You Love. I really enjoyed the piece and I think you will, too. It sums up that life is too short and it’s time to do something you are passionate about.

How to embark?

  • continue to seek out opportunities to discover new and old passions
  • eliminate anything that doesn’t stem from passion
  • and… try everything if you don’t know what your passions are
  • The last one really rang a bell with me as I have somehow lost focus with what it is I love to do. Try everything – a simple and profound solution. Make a list of those things you’ve always wanted to do or accomplish no matter how silly it may sounds. Let your ideas fall out of boundries.

    Some of my ideas:

    • Write a book
    • Take martial arts
    • Learn woodworking
    • Learn to snowboard
    • Build a sustainable business
    • Travel the world, backpacking
    • Jump out of a plane
    • Zipline in Costa Rica
    • Each lunch with Brad Pitt in Thailand
    • Now that you have your list. Think of ways you can break it down to smaller tasks to accomplish your big goal. I want to travel the world. Since, I can’t travel it all at one time I am choosing to plan one section of my trip this year. How much is it going to cost? Where will I stay? How do I plan to get around? Then I plan on taking that trip in the near future and marking that section off the list and starting on another.

      We can think of 2010 as the decade that passed us by or the decade we are going to take hold of (past vs. present view). Do we wallow at what we didn’t accomplish or look with anticipation at what the future holds? I plan on looking forward to future with anticipation and kicking some Christine butt!

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      What are the dreams you will accomplish?

Cleaning out the Garage

Old Records

Nostalgia. There are certain things you just gotta keep (above).

My husband and I spent time cleaning out the garage today. Did I tell you it looks superb? I’ve never seen it so clean! We tore through boxes, threw away junk, shredded old documents, took pictures of the items going to be sold online, made piles of stuff for our planned garage sale, clean out cupboards, got the stuff piled on the floor, killed a black widow, swept the floor, dropped off items to the thrift store, recycled… we just CLEANED! CLEANED! CLEANED! Love it.

We made $37.13 in the last two days!

We sold our artificial Christmas tree for $20 and made $17.13 in recycling our cans and bottles. SCORE! For some reason I just want to walk into the bank and hand them the cash to pay down the credit card bill. Does it sound silly? The money is in my wallet. I think I may just do that for personal satisfaction.

Part of me found it a bit difficult to rid of some items, but I knew that someone could get better use out of it. Better to have someone using the item then to be packed away in the garage. And I was saying to my husband, “I love these! I am going to keep them”. But then I saw him digging out his past treasures and was kindly reminded this was a joint effort. We are selling our things to get out of debt. I took the box back out, set it up for an image, and am happy to sell them away (how do you price a set of crystal glasses? Do you know how to tell real crystal glasses? You take a wet finger, run it around the rim of the glass, and it should produce a harmonious noise).

And my friends, you are right. It does get easier to let go of those past items as you push more out. I have no regrets and am happy to release those items. Of course, there are somethings we will keep; the china set with no place to be shown, a set of dish wear, those old records (above). I am excited to be finding items to sell and am happy to know it will help us to get out of debt. Everywhere I look in my house I ask myself, “can I sell this?”. LOL. I told my husband we are hitting up the kitchen and living room next. I am okay with having less material possessions.

I never realized how much stuff a person can have! I am surprised at the amount of Stuff! What do we need 15 cans of paint? or 3 pairs of bed frames? 3 yards of plastic? Tons of young children’s books? A hundred ‘stuffies’ (my daughter’s name for stuffed animals) sitting above the closet? Tons of clothes in my closet I never wear? ETC…ETC…ETC…

I can’t wait to see how our progression unfolds with this Sell Everything Theory!

Anyone up for some Hendrix? 😉

Like some Hendrix?

I’m Selling Everything I Own

Sell All!

“Let’s sell everything we own!”, I exclaimed to my husband. Apparently, he didn’t have the same thoughts as me. “That would be going backwards”, he said.

I looked perplexed. “Backwards?” I asked, “but we owe $75,000 of debt. We can buy that stuff back later in cash.”

“I’ll think about it” he said in his manly voice.

Okay then, I am selling all I own! 🙂 (Yes, I realize this is a joint effort, but sometime a woman needs to get the ball rolling)

This need to venture into a mass selling spree started after reading a guest post by Jenny Newcomer, on Man vs. Debt – PIF $15,000 in 9 months. I soon eyed the house for what I could possibly have to sell. And then it happened…

Every item in my house is now seen with a shiny price tag – the tent in the garage, the motorcycle helmets hanging on the wall, the books in my bookshelf, the coffee press in the cupboard. I realized, with new sight, that I have much to sell in my possession. The problem in the past, was the emotional attachment I harbored with these materialistic items. No more!

I will start small, but be persistant with posting and selling items.
My goal right now: to pay off half of my Bank of America card balance – $900.

On my agenda for the week:

  • Sell 2 unused gift cards
  • Inventory and update my book listings
  • List clothing on Ebay and donate the rest


There are different avenues I am looking to sell my items.


With more than 88 million active users globally, eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace, where practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything. With a diverse and passionate community of individuals and small businesses, eBay offers an online platform where millions of items are traded each day.


Half.com offers buyers an online marketplace where they can buy both new and used textbooks, books, music, movies and video games at discounted prices. With one of the largest inventories on the web, Half.com offers everyone the ability to find the best bargains online, quickly and easily.


Selling on Amazon is a program that enables merchants to sell their products and inventory on Amazon.com. You can sign-up to sell items in the following categories: Books, Music, DVD, Video/VHS, Baby, Camera and Photo, Electronics, Grocery, Health and Personal Care, Home and Garden, Musical Instruments, Office Products, Personal Computers, Software, Sports & Outdoors, Toys & Games, Tools and Hardware, Video Games and Wireless Antennas and Boosters.


Local classifieds and forums – community moderated, and largely free. Jobs, housing, goods, services, romance, local activities, advice – just about anything really. Started as an email list of SF events, as a hobby by Craig Newmark in early 1995. It now generates more than 20 billion page views. On Craigslist.org you can sell just about anything. For good Craigslist selling tips, Click Here

Garage Sale

Garage sales are work – a lot of hard work, but the returns more than justify the effort. Whether it’s advertised as Patio, Carport, Yard, Porch, or Garage-a-Rama, people will come and buy. Clean out your closets and ANYTHING that is useless to you or you don’t want – put it in the sale. Don’t throw anything away. People will buy just about anything. You’d be surprised. What is one person’s trash is another’s GOLDMINE!

Let the Selling Begin! What is your best selling avenue (Craigslist, Ebay, Half, Garage Sales, etc…)?


We Quit!!!

Emerald Bay, Lake TahoeSo my husband and I just came back from this location (above). When we got home we threw the keys on the table, called work and QUIT!!!

Got your attention, huh?

We didn’t really quit our jobs, but we have every intention of working towards that goal. We came to the conclusion that we are bored sick of our jobs, tired of making money for a company when we could be harboring our skills for our own company, and want to spend more time as a family.

We are working together to make it happen. Brainstorming to come up with ideas to work for our own. We realize that:

– it doesn’t have to be a “new” idea
– it doesn’t have to be a complicated idea
– that we need to be living and loving the concept (so what do we do now in our lives that we love?)
– And that we can do it! No doubt.

We have hit that line that says to us,

“It is time to take your life into your own hands and make it yours! Claim it! Live it as it was meant to be!”

I’ll keep you updated on our ideas. And I realize I have embarked on this subject before. Let’s refresh. If you could live your dream job what would it be? And why are you not doing it?
It’s time to dream and make it real!

Want some good reading on entreprenuership? Take a look at this website, My Wife Quite Her Job.

Tipping the Scales

Tipping the Scales
7 Weeks ago I started a challenge to PIF 4 cards in 15 weeks time.

  • The first 4 weeks I did great staying on schedule.
  • The 5th – 6th weeks were still paid on schedule, but I ended up borrowing from the EF for various expenses and buying school clothes (with great discount) on store card.
  • Now the 7th week I didn’t submit the payment because of the holiday weekend and our grocery bill was heafty because we stocked up (I have to admit the break was nice)

The scales are now tipping into the negative. By “stealing from Peter to pay Paul” the funds are just getting reallocated. I am paying off one card but gaining debt in another card. Not my goal’s intentions at all!

What to do? With approximately $3000 left to pay, it would take $375 a week to PIF in 8 weeks. That a stressful situation and its got me down. How am I going to handle this situation? Hmmm…

It was recommended that when there is an obstacle you are trying to hurdle and it’s not going your way. Take these steps:

  • Re-evaluate the situation. Ask yourself again, “What do I need to do to reach this goal?” Make sure that your goals are challenging but achievable.
  • Now, create an Unstoppable Drive. Find what motivates you to reach your goal. Is it reading a self help book, talking with friends, taking a run… get out and find that motivation!
  • Organize your goal. Mine is to pay $250 per week to meet the desired result in 8 – 12 weeks. Write down the steps it will take to meet your goal.
  • Have faith, believe in yourself, and stay flexible. As much as we would like to go from point A to B, it doesn’t always work that way. A friend of mine published a great quote on her site, “OBSTACLES ARE PUT IN OUR WAY TO SEE iF WHAT WE WANT IS REALLY WORTH FiGHTiNG FOR.” Believe that you will reach that goal, see yourself reach that goal, and realize that Point A to B may have some bumps in the road.

Let’s see how this works for me…

Time to re-evaluate the goal. 3 cards…

  • 2 cards @ $2000 need to be PIF’d in 8 weeks. That would be $250 a week. That is a more achievable goal.
  • The 3rd card is being PIF’d before the end of the year so that I keep the promotion of not paying finance charges on our purchase. This actually needs to be PIF’d by January 9, 2010. Which means it gives me a bit more time to pay. Additional 4 weeks time @ $1000 = $250 per week.

I am actually feeling better now. It is still a big goal that is going to take a little extra time to meet. But, it is nice to realize I have options, they are acheivable, I will continue to apply determination, and I WILL SUCCEED.

“To dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed.” – Bernard Edmonds quotes

Is there a goal that has you stuck? Let’s brainstorm and see if we can’t come up with some more options for acheiving that goal.

What are you willing to give up for 40 days?

I am by means far from practicing religion, but I thought this to be an interesting topic.

We just marked the passing of Ash Wednesday. My coworker, a practicing catholic, attends our annual services, here at work, to be marked with Ash and begins the Season of Lent.

According to Ken Collins:

Lent is a season of soul-searching and repentance. It is a season for reflection and taking stock. Lent originated in the very earliest days of the Church as a preparatory time for Easter, when the faithful rededicated themselves and when converts were instructed in the faith and prepared for baptism. By observing the forty days of Lent, the individual Christian imitates Jesus’ withdrawal into the wilderness for forty days. All churches that have a continuous history extending before AD 1500 observe Lent. The ancient church that wrote, collected, canonized, and propagated the New Testament also observed Lent, believing it to be a commandment from the apostles. (See The Apostolic Constitutions, Book V, Section III.)

I like these words: “soul-searching“, “for reflection” and “taking stock“. So, even those people not practicing religion or believe in religion it is still has a universal understanding that I believe is important for every person. It’s good to reflect on your life and discover your ‘personal’ meaning. Many of us did just this with the mark of the New Year.

Well, here is why I believe practicing Lent is interesting. My coworker, every year comes up with an idea of what she is going to do without for 40 days. 40 days! 6 weeks!

2008: Last year was chocolate. Now that is hard for us woman. No easy task! Did she do it? Mostly. A slip up here or there. Hey, you can’t expect the woman to be perfect when it comes to sweets! lol!

2009: This year it is baked goods. Even those lemon bars she loves so much. If you haven’t noticed, my coworker has a big sweet tooth. She is fortunate though, because she can eat those things and it doesn’t show on her small figure one bit. Ah, one of those women we envy or love to hate. 😉

So, I began to think… what would I give up for 40 days? Well, here is what I am going to give up for 40 days… well, the days left remaining: I am giving up packaged, processed convienence foods. You know, those bags of chips, granola bars, my favorite chex mix, the chinese snack pack w/wasabi peas. The stuff that I feed my kids for lunch, but come home to automatically grab as a snack to tide me over until dinner. The stuff I pop 50 cents into the machine here at work because I am too lazy to pack my own snack to bring to work. And it won’t hurt that I may lose a pound or two from this. Or so I hope. It is my hope that it means I will have to turn to eating fruit and whole foods (dried nuts and fruit, yogurt w/added fruit, whole grain crackers w/sliced cheese and apples, etc…).

My question to you: If you were to give up something for 40 days, what would it be? And do you think you could do it?

If you up for taking up the challenge, let me know and we can keep eachother in check. Happy Monday, you all! ~Money Funk

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I want a life like this and week

So, Millionaire Mommy Next Door did a wonderful interview with Billy and Akaisha Kaderli. I think it is a lifestyle many of us dream about (as you will see when you read). Me, I intend to research it. I have been devising a 5 year plan (thank you to No More Spending for springing the idea!) that will help me to grand scheme a similar lifestyle of my dreams (will post soon).

Which has me wanting to ask you? How frugally restrictive are you willing to become to execute a grand scheme? And is your significant other (if applicable) willing to go with it?

I am trying to get my hubby to cut the cell phone, cable tv, and internet bills (imagine how creative one could become because of this or how much more quality family time could carried out). I don’t feel we use this things enough to account for the money we put forth. This frees up $400 a month and will allow us to obtain our ‘goals’ much sooner. But, he is not jiving. Says he is not giving up anymore. Anyone had similar experience? And how did you deal?

Mental Note:
future posting:

  • My 5 year plan
  • Enjoy the day! Especially knowing you are one day closer to the weekend!

    And don’t forget to R.E.A.C.H. for your goals!

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