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Just a thought…

Isn’t this a gorgeous picture???

Mom’s Budget Files wrote an article yesterday about Christmas is On a Budget This Year. It got me thinking about this ‘economic crisis’ and Christmas.

Most people are on a budget this year. But, then again most people have a budget each year. This year, the budget has tightened strings. But to me, this is not particularily a bad thing. And this is why:

  1. We are only paying for Christmas with cash on hand and not racking up the credit cards. Hence, NO NEW DEBT
  2. It’s actually making me creative by providing gifts from ‘the heart’ – homebaked goods, crafted items, etc…
  3. I am not rushing to finish things. I can relax and spend Christmas as it should be. I can sit with my daughter to make paperchains or bake cookies.
  4. I do not feel guilty this year about not buying gifts for everyone, because we are all in the same situation. This actually takes off a lot of stress for me & the family
  5. Because of #2, we are actually able to truly enjoy being with family because they are family. It’s no surrounded with the ‘gimmies’, but instead with little bit of extra toppings to make a great dinner for some family and friends
  6. This ‘economic crisis’ actually instills many people, such as myself, to give to the community more and help out our fellows. I don’t see the negative in this.
  7. I actually see the opportunity of being in an ‘economic crisis’ and plan to make genuine warm felt Christmases a thing of norm for my family.

I feel like this time of hardship is bringing people back to our roots. Allowing us to recenter ourselves for the better.We are recentering to realize that non-material possessions actually rank in higher than the materialistic glitz -n- glam. I see communities taking action to help others. We are becoming close knit again. In the long run, I believe we are helping the smaller businesses and/or smaller positive ecofriendly processes survive as the big businesses dissolve.

Of course, these are my thoughts on the situation. I actually think the economic crisis has the definite potential to be a blessing in disguise.

What’s your take on the ‘economic situation’? Love to hear your thoughts.

Have a happy, happy weekend, y’all!

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Cut your Grocery Bill in Half!

Happy Tuesday, fellow bloggers.

I was viewing articles in CNN Money and came across a valuable article I wanted to share with you called, “Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half“. Of course, my curiosity was naturally peaked.

The article directs you to Couponmom.com (I am sending you directly to the coupon page). It’s great! CouponMom saves you money and time by offering virtual coupons. There was a lot of coupons on products that I use every week, like kid’s lunch snack, sandwich meat, Cereal! We all know Cereal’s prices are climbing each and everyday (If you live near an Albertson’s, they always have awesome deals on cereal). In fact it was on CNN Money’s PF front page that I found cereal content is getting smaller, but they are charging you the same price. I was wondering why the cereal was diminishing faster than usual!

Check it out!

I printed $8.50 worth of coupons on products I use everyweek. So, its a start. I hope that you will all save, too.

Have a Frugal Labor Day

I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Labor Day weekend!

As I start week two of Snowballing my Debt, I am pondering on what to do this weekend. I really want to go to Knott’s Berry Farm, but that will not fit in my budget. (thinking: try, try, try real hard to stick to budget).

So, I googled and came across this article by http://www.wisebread.com/ that I thought would be handy: Back Yard Barbecues that won’t Break the Bank. This article offers frugal meals and activities for bbq family & friend fun. Anyone can benefit from the tips offered.

Other things I can recommend to do this weekend: go to a local city sports game, go to the beach, take a nature hike, or have a family bike ride.

What are some of your fun and frugal activities you have to share? Would love to hear of them!

Fellow bloggers, have a safe, happy, and frugal weekend! I wish you well in sticking to your budget and erradicating your debt!