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Selling Everything Progress


Selling everything also has me wanting to minimize or omit the unnecessary components in my life, too. Let me tell you how this ‘sell all process’ is going, what else has been taking place, what I am learning, and what I am gaining.

Progress this weekend:


Husband decided he wants to have a garage sale (yeah!)
Cleaned out 1 Closet and started sellable pile
Husband added that we should ask my momlist on eBay, Craigslist, etc… for a small percentage of the sale
Cleaned out costume jewelry box (wow, clean)
Cataloged and bagged costume jewelry for garage sale
Also, repriced Half.com items for lower than suggested value – want to get out of my inventory!


cutting limes


What else has been taking place

This process has me cleaning out the unnecessary components in my life
I’ve cleaned out email inbox(es)
Unsubscribed to non-pf mail lists I have no time to read
Let me tell you with three email addresses and lots of subscriptions – this was a big task!
Cancelled 3 online accounts with automatic monthly deductions (gained $31)



I’ve gained a way to make extra money helping mom list things online (this is not the same thing I was referring to in this post – this is in addition)
Clean Closet
Less stuff to burden my household


Lots of Limes for One Cup Lime Juice



This is not going to be a quick process
But if I keep at it, then the process with prosper
Process worth keeping to become debt-free: PRICELESS


Next Up

Husband brining home circle stickers
Price stuff
Have kitchen stuff in my trunk that I need to take pics, price and write sale description
Post kitchen sellables and gift cards online tomorrow at work (we have a work ‘eBay’ – it’s pretty cool)
Go thru next closet or kitchen cupboard
Consider selling cat – nah, Just kidding!




What you learned

What to do with a Bag of Neighbor’s Limes,
How Many Limes it takes to Make Limeade,
How to Make Limeade

One Frugal Recipe:

  • One cup of Lime Juice
  • One cup of Sugar or to taste
  • 2 quarts of Water
  • Mix ingredients, chill, and enjoy!


What are some of things you have done to earn extra money to pay down the debt? Or what are some of the ways you have saved money to increase the snowball payment?