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Frugal Living

Piggy Bank
What is frugal living?

A number of definitions come up when you Google the term:

Avoiding waste; The practice of acquiring good and services in a restrained manner; resourcefully using already owned economic goods and services; prudence in avoiding waste; thrift; A spraring use; sparingness.

As I am sure there are a number of reasons you are living or want to live a frugal life. Mine, is to get rid of this debt! What’s your reason?

Want to live a frugal life. Here are 10 ways to get started:

  1. Use the Library
    Take a trip to the local library; you’ll find many of them are stocked with the latest books and DVDs. Still want to rent? Try Redbox – rentals are $1 a night.
  2. Clip Coupons
    Take the time to clip coupons and you could save up to 25% on your weekly grocery bill. Want to save more? Buy generic items and plan your menu around the sale ads.
  3. Eat Out Less Often
    Eating out is nice, but can be a big budget breaker. Cut back on the amount of times you go to eat out. When you do go out to eat, find ways to cut down on costs with these tips. Want to save more? Pack a lunch for work and carry snacks.
  4. Group Errands
    Reduce your gas bill by grouping your errands and driving only when you need to. For even more savings, try walking or biking when you don’t have to go far.
  5. Make your Own Cleaners
    Homemade Cleaners are nontoxic and work just as well as store bought cleaners at a fraction of the price. Stock up on these seven items and your house will be sparkling clean in no time.
  6. Seek Free Entertainment
    Many communities have a ton of free entertainment in the area. The chamber of commerce, your city’s community calendar, or your city’s weekly magazine is a great way to locate free outings; like to see bands play, free movie showings, lectures, bontanical garden tours, etc…
  7. Wash in Cold
    Cut your utility bill substantially by washing your laundy in cold water. Your clothes will come out clean and your water heater won’t have to work as hard.

  8. Flip a Switch
    Reduce your utility bills even further by turning off lights and other electronics when not in use. Go even further, unplug cords when not in use.

  9. Buy Secondhand Goods
    Befriend your local thrift store or garage sales; many times you can score named brand clothes or great furniture. The Salvation Army has a boutique section with some great wears.
  10. Maintain stuff or Learn to do it yourself
    Take care of what you have and it will last longer. Take time to read the maintenance manual and creat a maintenance checklist to keep on top of it; like your car’s oil change. Learn to fix things or do things yourself; like replace the fan belt, fix the washer, hem a pant line, or sew a button.

When you start living frugal, you discover creativity and planning are key elements in your life. You’ll also discover many other great ways to cut back costs. Do you have a frugal idea you’d like to share?