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Turbo Tax is a Smart Cookie!

Did you hear me rant on Twitter, “I did all that work on my taxes for that?!?!”

There are various reasons that resulted in this factor. Like I have NO Assets or enough deductions! *hmph* Well, I can go into that further, but I will do that another day.

What I wanted to point out, when I was filing my taxes on @TurboTax, there is a featured called ItsDeductable. With ItsDeductable, you sign up for a free account which allows you to keep track of your current year’s charitable donations. Then when you file your online taxes with Turbo Tax, you simply import the information within seconds. (Smart Marketing Skills in my book – its a win-win situation for both user and company).

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As you know, I donated a bunch of clothes when I decluttered and threw out everything in my closet.

What I didn’t do: was use that handy dandy spreadsheet to track everything I donated (Date donated, to Whom, Donation(s), Fair Market Value) or request a receipt when I dropped off my donations to Goodwill. So, I was not able claim my charitable contributions on my tax return. *shame* I lost out this year, but am going to be tedious this year!

If you use Turbo Tax to file your taxes and plan on donating your things to charity, check out ItsDeductable.

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