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Psych Yourself Rich Book Review

Psych Yourself Rich is the best book to help you understand the personal relationship with money.

Author Farnoosh Torabi shows you how to develop the mindset, discipline, and habits to grow wealth and achieve you goals on your own terms– without fear, anxiety, misery, or too much sacrifice, by combining the latest approaches in behavioral psychology with a disciplined attitude to help you psych yourself into a place of financial well being.

Get the Mindset and Discipline You Need to Build Your Financial Life
(FT Press, October 2010; Hardcover: $20.99)

This is the book just about every single one of us needs to read right now! The recession hit the hearts and pocketbooks of many – a job loss, investments plummeted, a foreclosure. People now realize they need to take control and become smart with their money.

Before the recession, our relationship with money was disconnected – mainly because the topic doesn’t bring excitement in conversation or the real terms were not grasped (it’s why banks made a lot of money with those high interest credit card rates). So, we left it up to someone else to deal with our facts and figures – while many just assumed to trust the company representative and signed the dotted line. Relinquishing our financial relationships to someone else.

Read some of these statistics:

      The average household carries roughly $10,000 in credit card debt, according to the Federal Reserve
      Foreclosure experts at RealtyTrac predict four million home will receive a foreclosure notice in 2010, about the same as in 2009
      Our collection of credit cards, when piled up, can physically reach more than 70 miles into space, and be as high than more than a dozen Mount Everests, according to researches at CreditCards.com

Now through the aftermath of the recession, people are paralyzed by the fear, unsure what next step to take with our finances. Farnoosh Torabi, author of Psych Yourself Rich, will show you the next moves – how to map out a personal plan based on what you really care for in life and learn how to get in gear, move forward, and transform your plans and dreams into reality.

  • Stop agonizing – and start acting
    Overcome the behaviors that keep you from achieving your fi nancial, personal, and professional goals
  • Assert yourself, take control, and stop shorting yourself
    Shift the power balance in all your financial transactions
  • Get more out of the money you already have
    Make more sensible decisions about what to buy and how to invest
  • Live your passion: identify what’s important to you and go after it
    Learn what it takes to succeed on your own terms, make the commitment, and do it

I totally recommend this book to anyone who wants to take control of their money on their own terms!

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Farnoosh is also the author of YOU’RE SO MONEY: Live Rich Even When You’re Not, a candid financial tell-all for young adults getting ca dose of the real world for the first time. The New York Times calls her advice “perfectly practical”. Farnoosh was the money coach on SoapNet’s Bank of Mom and Dad, the host of Wall Street Confidential with Jim Cramer on TheStreet.com RV and the resident financial expert on TLC’s Real Simple, Real Life. You’ve seen her NBC’s Today Show, Larry Kind Live and The View. For more information about Farnoosh – go to http://www.farnoosh.tv.