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My Earn More Challenge Update


This week I:

  1. Made $1.45 with Google Adsense
  2. Sold 3 books at Half.com
  3. Nearly finished my test site for a Candy Buffet business
  4. Almost finished sewing 36 tres chic cocktail napkins (sorry, meant to have pic. will post later) for an Etsy shop
  5. Decluttered my Closet & drawers by 50% (but found nothing worthy to list on Ebay)

Total made: $27.49

Minimal progress. But this week was more about setting up the my ‘ducks in a row’. Getting ready for take off.

I plan on making progress by:

  1. Writing another article or two for ehow.com
  2. Opening my Etsy store & design banner
  3. Continue collecting and recycle my aluminum cans
  4. Clean out kitchen clutter and post on Ebay & work’s Eboards
  5. Continue to think of more ways to produce money 🙂

How is your progress?

ps – Be sure to check out Coupons.com for your free grocery coupons. This weekend, there is like huge sales at the grocery stores due to the holiday. I am getting my California Pizza Kitchen’s (CPK) pizzas for $1 cuz I am armed with my coupon(s).

Player Highlights


Hi, my fellow challengers! I thought it would be groovy to start highlighting our challengers. This will give you a great spectrum of how people plan on acheiving their goals and how the progress is going. I do plan to highlight everyone in this month. So keep up that groovy mojo!

In no particular order I give you this week’s showcase:

Canadian Saver from Saving for Later:

…my only chance is to cash out at survey sites. Unless I get a lot of free time on my hands and get creative!

Have any earning tips for someone on a tight schedule?

Money Bar

Get Stuff Done:

my challenge is to earn £400 over and above my everyday, unpaid, but extremely important job of being a mum / housewife. Selling stuff on ebay. Organising table top sales. Making cushions and cards and lavender bags – crafts etc. So today I earned £2 for selling 2 hand made cards. And £5 for a cushion commission.

I think she is off to a great start with her goal and can’t wait to see that shop!

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Hustler from Hustle Up:

It would be nice to earn enough to cancel out a bill or fund a trip. I’ve got some things I would like to sell on Ebay and I’d like to get my Etsy site started. I also have some books and DVDs to sell on Amazon.

Those are nice plans. And she is also participating in High Class, Low Income’s No Spend Challenge. Great combo of challenges!

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Leigh from Reconciling my Gross Habits with my Net Income:

… published an examiner.com article this afternoon and I’m planning on working on some of my ehow articles this week as well. I’m set to get about $30 from last month’s ehow and $100 from examiner this month. I’ve also started compiling my list of what to sell on ebay. I’m not listing anything until after the holiday but in a couple of weeks the dough should be rolling in.

She’s off to a great start with her writing skills!

Money Bar

Mrs. Smith from Making Ends Meet in the Queen City:

I’ll accomplish this mostly by selling online: Etsy, Ebay, Craigslist & Half.com. The best part is, I’ll also be cleaning my home & making room in the garage to (hopefully) use it to park my vehicle in this winter.

That is a win-win situation if you ask me! Have you read her first hand experience with Cash4Gold? I think it was a rather creative notion on her part for trying.

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The Lost Goat:

I plan to accomplish this by: (1) prayer. (2) Selling clothing on ebay and through consignment stores. (3) Selling books on half.com. (4) Plasma donation. (5) Picking up cans.

Those are good goals and I like how prayer is part of her schedule. Have you checked out her post in attempting to donate plasma.

Money Bar

I love the effort that everyone is putting into this challenge. I had no idea it would grow to the size and charisma it has become. Thank you. Have fun reading some great post!

Let the game begin!

car race

Ready! Set! Go!

Have you been cleaning out the closets? The Garage? Are your fingers typing to write up an article? Do you have your fabric & sewing machine to craft a great project? What is YOUR way to Earning More in September?

Being that there is only 4 days of September in this week (already September?) I think it may be slim that we are rolling in the dough at this moment (although not impossible). So, I thought I’d suggest to You for this week’s blog post…. blog about your intentions. How do you plan on bringing in the money?

If you are still lost in thought be sure to check out these links for help:

And please, if you need any help or a shout out for encouragement…don’t hesitate to ask! Leave a comment. Readers… I have nested comments. So make it a discussion effort. Feel free to say, “hi” to someone. I can’t wait to hear of some of your ideas and/or efforts. Make a great Start! Happy September!