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GetCurrency and PF Comics!

Generation X and Y now has help navigating a financial minefield. American Express recently released a content-rich, social-media platform called Currency (getcurrency.com).

Tell me More!

For young adults in their 20’s and 30’s, Currency offers tips and suggestions on saving and spending, in a voice that speaks to them from more than 25 leading personal-finance writers.

[Can you name the other known personal-finance writers for Currency?]

I was asked to be one of those 25 personal finance writers to contribute true, honest personal finance experiences to Currency. I definitely feel honored.

[Check out my first article: Setting Up Your First Budget]

I really enjoy the launching of this site because it reflects personal finance subjects on a personal basis; one can easily relate to the perils and joys that come with managing our money. Then audience can take what they have learned and share information and financial tips via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other applications. Check out Currency.

In Conjuntion: Personal Finance Comics!

Credit Card Daily, is a personal finance blog written by Fred and Jeremy from the Credit Card Finder team. They are the people responsible for putting out these awesome personal finance comics (along with Brad and Francis). πŸ™‚

[Current Comic Cast: Man Vs Debt, Budgets Are Sexy, Enemy of Debt, My Next Buck and Money Funk]

If you remember in Comic #5, Part 1 of Credit Card Rewards or Credit Card Regrets?, Brian was struck by a strange vision, Brad and Baker were there to save Money Funk from the evil debt throws by J. Money. ::slam:: Where did Adam go after being hit by J. Money’s skateboard?

In Part 2 of Credit Card Rewards or Credit Card Regrets? – PF Comic #5 Enemy of Debt is re-invigorated, bouncing around walls of the ally like a pinball choppinng up the credit cards. The fight is on between J. Money and Enemy of Debt ::Bong!:: ::Blam!::

Money Funk takes off running from the fight. Jay Money collapses. Who is the Gambler? Find out in Part 2 of Credit Card Rewards or Credit Card Regrets? – PF Comic #5!

Meanwhile, Baker is where??? Doing what???

New Characters

PF Comic #6 is underway. Take a sneak peak behind the scenes. With new characters like Brad Tuttle (from It’s Your Money – Time.com), Dave Ramsey (from The Dave Ramsey Show), J.D. Roth (from Get Rich Slowly), and awesomely… Jeff (from Deliver Away Debt).

Credit Card Daily – an outlet from the rest of the content on Credit Card Finder, “giving us creative freedom to have some fun, and hopefully make some friends with other cool bloggers at the same time!”