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Credit Score Updated

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I am a faithful user of www.CreditKarma.com to check my updated score. I like the website because there is NO strings attached, no endless junk emails. Check it out!

Anyhow… LOOK at my progress! It’s fantastic! With the biggest increase from November to December!

  • Sept.: 664
  • Oct.:672
  • Nov.:685
  • Dec.:713!
  • “Woo woo” the fans roars!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

    Credit Score for Free! (No strings attached. Really!)

    I was blog reading around and found Credit Karma offers a free credit score in seconds!!!

    Put in a few details, choose to receive or not receive future offers, and WhaLa – Your credit score appears.

    I am glad to have discovered this site!

    Oh, you want to know the score, huh? 664 – Could be higher, but not going to complain. It’s better than the 528 (yes, that low) I had a few years back. Climbing out of the trenches.