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Coupon Queen?

We all know I want to Career Transition like a few of you fellow bloggers (here and here). To do so will mean cutting back on extras and tracking expenses wisely while getting a new dig off the ground. It had me thinking… can I transition sooner if I become a coupon queen? Can becoming a coupon queen allow me to find a lower paying, non-long-commuting-job-sooner? Tis the thought is nice.

Check out this link about a ‘Coupon Queen’ (sorry, the link did not have video emmeding rights to post on this site – have to direct you away from MF). I am envious of this lady’s talent with coupons.

She spends about 1 hour clipping/printing coupons and buys $239 worth of groceries, but usually pays no more than $4 out of her pocket. That’s a huge savings for about 5 hours of work a week.

Save approximately $1000 a month for 20 hours a month of work. Not a bad idea. What do you think? What is your experience with coupon shopping?

I am curious to know if you have to shop a multitude of stores to score the best deal or can you win by shopping at one local grocery store.

I can usually save $30 when I coupon shop. But to save a $1000 has a great ring to it and could lead to spending more time with my family & self interests (like getting my own business going!).

To help you get started in becoming a Coupon Queen, please check out The Grocery Game and The Coupon Mom for tons of free printable coupons.