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How Much Does It Cost to be a Housewife

Okay moms (and dads), this one is for you. How much are you worth as a parent (yes dad’s, there is even a calculator for you!)?

Here is my day’s scenerio:

When my full-time day ends at work, I am off to run home and continue my second job. 😉 It’s picking up kid’s from daycare, kids’ homework, fix and get dinner on the table, throw in a load of laundry, read stories, make sure hygiene is performed, pick up room, tuck into bed, fold and put laundry away, find time for me to shower, brush teeth, et…. All of it does not end until 9pm. Then I finally have an hour of quietness til I sleep and do it all again.

Remember, this does not account for what I accomplish in the morning before I go to work or the weekends that follow. There is packing lunches, dragging kid’s out of bed, yelling at kid’s to hurry up, fix breakfast, yell at kids again, make sure packs are ready, etc, etc, etc…It’s non stop!

$80,943+ is what I am worth as a working mom. Or so the Mom Salary Wizard says. I think I might need to agree with that figure (ask me at the end of the night – exhaustion). If I received paycheck(s) for my salary + my mom worth I would be one happy-go-lucky girl!

What this means for you:

I thought it was a fun link to itemize just how much you are worth as a parent. Plus, you even get a ‘faux’ check and itemized statement to print or email. * Ah, to dream.* Plus, you can show this to your significant other, kindly reminding them that Valentine’s day is coming up, and you would really appreciate it if they treated you with a little exta oomph. ❤ ♡ ❤

Find your worth as a mom (or dad) at Mom.Salary.Com.

For further reading: Perhaps 1995, but here is a good weekly breakdown of How Much is a Housewife Worth, by C.O.E.