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How-to make a plan to revamp closet in 2 hours or less

I have not much to wear. If you remember, I dumped 3/4ths of my closet and sent it to Goodwill. I think I dumped too much. Then again, I grew tired of all that I donated.

Well now, out of the 1/4 left – the weekend wear is great with blue jeans and t-shirts. But work wear – I have nothing left. Or so I decided to find out – do I have nothing to wear or is it I don’t want to wear anything I have.

Here are the four steps I took to find my conclusion:

Step 1:
Pen and Paper, I scribbled down all that I own (except the socks and underwear). Closet – done, shoes – done, drawers – done.

Step 2:
I listed everything in spreadsheet. The categories listed: Miscellaneous, Pants, Skirts, Shirts, Shoes, and Dresses. Added checkmark next to everything I wear.

Step 3:
Then, I color coded:

  • White – don’t wear
  • Yellow – wear
  • Green – wear to work

(Click on pic to enlarge) Looks like I have much more to rid of – if its in ‘white’, chances are I haven’t worn it in over a year.

Step 4:
Copy and pasted the work clothes, that I actually don’t mind wearing (green coded), together at bottom of spreadsheet. Then, again I separated the categories in other multicolors.

Um ya, I don’t have anything to wear, I am not wearing what I should be wearing (tennis at the office?), and I don’t like what is on the list (I put a check next to those I like – 7 items). *SIGH*

Conclusion: What a boring gal I am and totally not put together. No wonder I feel like I have nothing to wear to work, because I really don’t!

So hear is what I plan to do:

  • Donate those clothes I don’t wear
  • Mend any buttons/hems that need be (peacoat to name)
  • Go buy me 3-4 pairs of new pants (for work), 3-4 new long sleeve button up blouses, and 1 pair of black shoes (I like) on my 30% off coupon (plus the pants I want are on sale, too). I think I can pull this off for less than $200. I think buying quality pieces is suitable for pieces I would be wearing often.
  • Be happy that I have a full line of clothes to wear to work without feeling like a bum and confidently revamp my lead status at work, too.
  • So, have you organized your closet lately?