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Sunday Edition: Write your Budget Down

A budget is an important commodity to have in your journey towards a debt-free life. It’s even more important to write that budget down with a pencil and paper to ‘mentally engrave’ the figures in your brain.

I use pencil and paper myself to scibe down my budget (see Tools of Success). And I have an excel spreadsheet to back up that data. Then yesterday, I imported all the figures into Mint.com‘s Personal Finance Website. I do love the layout and how easy it process all my figures. I only wish Mint allowed you to budget for a single Cash Account; as I only use one account for budgeting. The other is my bill pay account and then I have a summer savings account.

Enjoy today’s articles where you can dream about the jobs you would do for free, how to deal with a financial catastrophe, preparing for a yard sale, save money on purchasing a home, inspiration for getting out of debt and writing a budget.

Financial Samurai: The List of Jobs I’d Do For Free Baby! I’d have to content with Sam, the Food critic for Michelin and English Teacher in a non-English speaking country would be nice. At one time, I actually contemplated the latter. Why, come to think of it Austin from Foreigner’s Finance is doing just that!

Eliminate the Muda!: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Dealing with Financial Catastrophe has sound advice, especially with “Commit Yourself”. Commit to your financial responsibility to make it out of the catastrophe.

WiseBread: 7 Mistakes that Can Ruin your Yard Sale offers advice how to optimize your yard sale. I always have stuff to get rid of, but not enough to want to host a yard sale. How to fix my dilemma? Pair up with the neighbors! Oh ya, and make a killer Yard Sale sign that one can read as they are driving by!

Don’t forget Garage Sale Tracker is having their iPhone giveaway. Be sure to stop on over to enter!

Little House in the Valley: Recycled Houses…Alternative Living features 3 different ways to save money on purchasing a home. I love watching HGTV feature a house that was built with recycled materials; like using wood from an old barn.

Consumerism Commentary: Smithee Debt Update, Mid-May 2010… I enjoy Smithee’s journey towards debt-freedom and building Net Worth. Its a great read for inspiration.

Deliver Away Debt: Wrote about Stop using a Credit Card, Write a Budget. I couldn’t agree more. If you are not financially savvy, get away from the credit card habit and write your budget down with pencil and paper. The process actually works to make a solid mental note about what needs to be done. Don’t rely on the computer. That’s only back up.