Tools of Success

Give a girl a camera and she takes beautiful self portraits (and thousands of other pics of little things around the house: her stuffed animals, pictures on the wall, the inside of her closet, the ceiling fan, etc…). Treasures, Memories that will last a lifetime to warm my heart.

Give a woman a teal notebook with budget sheets and she will one day make her family financially free. To be able to travel the world at luxury, spend more time with family and friends, lift the emotional weight off the shoulders, and simply… be happier. This too will last a lifetime.

Personal tools of success.

I am realizing, as I am writing this blog note, that personal tools of success cause a positive lifetime reaction. A camera & daughter equal years of memories. A book combined with paper and pencil is something that allow me to live years of gratitude.

And I am realizing, these tools don’t need to cost a lot. That it is not necessary to have all the bells and whistles. We have fulfilled our lives with complexities, but I am thinking that it is not necessary. Simplicity.

I have a small garden, to which I planted from seed. I nurtured the ground and it blossomed with time and care. To which, I made some fantastic zuchinni-pineapple muffins (they are really very good).

I am beginning to come to the conclusion that ‘Less is more’ and ‘simplicity’ may be the keys to my family’s future success.

What are your tools of success? I would love to hear about your dearest goal and what tool(s) you use to bring you closer to fulfilling your goal. Or how you did meet your goal.

8 thoughts on “Tools of Success

  1. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-a great post and I agree, simplicity is key. My main goal, is to be debt free, but not at the sacrifice of my family needs. I work part time and this enables me to be around for my kids before and after school, plus in the school holidays. I earn less than what I’ve ever done in my working life, but I feel blessed to have this job. I enjoy it and the pros outweigh the financial side to me. I chose to work for a lower wage so I can spend more time with my family and this does impact on how quickly I’ll be debt free, but I’m happy. This is the main thing!

  2. Sharon Rose

    Hi again-I think I deviated from the question,LOL!! I’d say based on what I’ve told you, my tools for success are living below my means and to a budget, thats how I can survive on a low income. And memories-I can say 10 years from now, I’ve memories of my kids, not of a job that kept me tied to a desk.

  3. jpkittie

    love the self portrait! dd does that a lot & it just makes life better somehow, don't you think? just the simple things… when you actually slow things down – life really isn't so bad — the debt is getting paid & you have the wonderful smiles of your family – it truly doesnt' get any better then this

  4. Christine

    sharon rose: I was fortunate to spend the first two years with each child at home. And how I wish that I could spend more time with them now. Even another hour or two a day. i contemplate the idea of finding something closer to home, alot.

    You are blessed that you can make your circumstances work for you. πŸ™‚

    jpkittie: kids can do the simplest and greatest things that bring a nice, warm smile. And I think we do forget how to slow down. So, this is a nice lesson to be learning. I am slowly cleaning out the clutter and taking out things that are not worth the time and energy. Simplicity, I am slowly reaching. πŸ™‚

  5. Merry@ A Frugal Attempt

    My wildest dream, financially, is for our family to have just what we need…no debt and funds available to help others when they need it. You have a wonderful blog and I am so glad I found it.

  6. mommyjustneeds2seconds

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog. So glad I found it. You and I are so alike (minus the surprise baby #3 on the way). While DH and I both brought debt to our marriage, our decision for me to stay home after ds was born 6 years ago (and another ds the next year) really started the debt ball rolling. Finally opened my eyes and couldn’t believe where we are! I’ve just started my journey, but plan to be a “regular” here — as this is EXACTLY the type of stuff I love – your enthusiasm is contagious. I can do this!!

  7. Christine

    frugal attempt: great goal(s)! I would love to be able to help the less unfortunate whether its my own backyard or the global world about. And you know what? We’ll get there with persistance and TLC. πŸ™‚

    2seconds: I am glad you like the Blog. thank you for your kind words. I love your blog name. I’d have to say I would up the seconds, though. heehee πŸ˜‰

    why does it have to be so easy to get into debt, but so hard to climb out??? hmmm. But you know? the victory will be sweet! Woo Hoo!

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