The Plan

Crossing the Finish Line

So, lately I have been talking about The Plan. The Plan to forgo the Rat Race and claim my life as it was meant to be lived.

Ah, moments I was meant to live… gardening, baking, crafting, reading, raising my family, and enjoying life happy (why should I be unhappy?).

Well, its a Master Plan, but with No Bells and Whistles. Fairly simple in theory, you See.

What I have now is a career.
That is what I will leave.
Leave to find a job.
A job with no intention to move up.
A job with the intention to be a humble worker.
A job that I want to work (bakery, coffee shop, natural food store…)
A job (much) closer to home.
A job that pays the essential bills.
A job at 30 hours a week.
With a job, the demand will be to find at least $1,000 a month to keep up with my family’s lifestyle.
Of course, I will need to cut corners on our current lifestyle.
But, I am willing.
A happy mom/wife is a happy home, right?

A $1,000… How?
By finding ways to earn extra income (click to see awesome article by Moolanomy).
Hopefully passive in Nature.

“How does this go with your plan to stop working for the man?”
Patience, my child.
For one, I will be closer to home. By cutting down on the commuting this allows me to spend more time with my family.
More time with the family and More time working from Home on my Alternative Income Streams.
We know that family and working from home are two of my goals.
So, I am partially acheived my claimed lifestyle.

Two, it is my hope that this part time income(s) will eventually generate into a full-time work from home (Finding Financial Peace has great potential with her jewelry business).
Then, I can quit my job and work from home.
On my own accord.

Patience and time… Don’t forget I still have $80,000 in debt to pay. I am not in a dire hurry, but would like to get started.
Like to get started on my path to quit working for da man!

~Next up in posting… Mulitple ways I can potentially earn additional income.~

Oh ya, I’ve also started learning to love staying at home: The Seance Room.
Art creates an eternal existence. This is what I want, right? To feel that my days are content and can last forever doing something I love?




10 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. April

    I loved this post and wish you tremendous progress. A book you might find insightful (or at least fun to read) at this juncture is How to Survive Without a Salary by Charles Long. I first read it when I was in college–3+ decades ago! Not necessarily anything you haven’t already thought about–just another way of saying it! (BTW, I just blogged this weekend about the Rat Race–so this post really made me smile!)

  2. admin

    Hi April, By the Way, I did link your post in this post under the words “Rat Race”. Its what finally inspired me to write “the plan”. And its funny you mention that book because I have it sitting right here in my office. My mom had it in her bookshelf for many years. I have read it and it is a good book. Now I was going to pass it to the City of Hope visitor book shelf. πŸ˜‰

  3. Sharon

    Here’s hoping that all of your dreams come true…soon! I think it’s very reasonable to make $1000 a month on a parttime basis!!! I’ll enjoy watching your progress!

  4. admin

    @ Ms. Money Chat: Thank you. I’d love to hear how you’re working on your “diminish the rat race” goals, too.

    @ April: You’re welcome. *clapping* to the tune of leaving the paper pusher job behind.

    @ Sharon: thank you! I think it is reasonable figure, too (at least I hope!). So, I am slowly going to work my income streams… start with $25 a week and build it on up! πŸ™‚

  5. jpkittie

    you go Christine!!! I am with you on all of it — I stay home full time & love every minute of it — even if it means that it takes us longer to pay off the debt – maybe it is a bad attitude to have, but it isn’t going anywhere, is it?!? Simple Life — do something fun with it – it is too short to be running the ‘rat race’ in my opinion – unless that is fun to you (running the rat race – I know people who put in 12, 13 hours a day & love every minute of it…) we are all here to cheer you on sista πŸ˜‰

  6. admin

    @ jpkittie: Thanks for the support. I wish I could stay home full time! Hopefully, I will figure out just how to do that while running a successful business. πŸ™‚

  7. sharon rose

    Hi there-I really wish you all the success in putting this plan into action, it IS do-able, but only you know when you execute it in accordance with yours and your families needs. I’ve been working a part time job, no longer have a career, so I can be there for my family. Money is the big sacrifice but I wouldn’t change my lifestyle for anything. Good luck with your plans my dear.

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