State’s tax withholding increase today

If you’d like to sign a petition against the California government raising our tax withholdings, please visit I know I did! 🙂


If your a Californian, the state will increase state income tax withholdings from pay checks by 10 percent. This will go on until April 2010. It’s BS and I’m pissed. I only found out today because I watched the morning news.

Oh, they say you will get it back when you do your taxes or if you owe you will pay back a lesser amount. This royally sucks. It’s just one more reason to move out of California!

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6 thoughts on “State’s tax withholding increase today

  1. The Lost Goat

    Wow – that’s astonishing. If I went to your house and told you I’d lock you up unless you gave me an interest free loan until next April – let’s just say I wouldn’t get rewarded with a seat in the California legislature.

    True, you can adjust your withholding until you are paying the correct amount. But still … what a PITA!

    1. admin

      Seriously, huh? I thought the same thing – “if I decided not to pay you until I get out of the deficit you created for me…” – I don’t think they would jive with that. No, then they would get me with late fees, etc… Where is citizen’s rights? Sorry, just ranting because they already imposed a 0.25% increase on us not too long ago.

      True, I can adjust but it really is a PITA! *hmph* lol.

  2. ConsciouslyFrugal

    I totally don’t get this (why can’t California just get its sh!t together? We have so much wealth here, but the state can’t seem to dislodge its head from its anus)–how is this going to solve anything over the long term? How is this a solution instead of yet another “temporary” (don’t believe it) psuedo fix?

    1. admin

      Oh I am with you there! It’s a momentary ‘solution’ until they find something else to jack up. Ya, they really do act like we have tons of wealth. I say slash all the $100K+ salaries in government to a normal wage. Now that will clean up the deficit quickly!

      It just sucks – what are we teaching our children about money & finances? California is a terrible example.

      I’ll just sit and wait for the next increase – or until I can move out of state.

    1. admin

      Well, it is 10% of the current withholdings. So it will be somewhere in the ballpark of approximately $18 – $28 per paycheck depending on a person’s income and withholdings. But it’s still money out of my wallet. It’s totally a bogus solution that will only work until the next smartass solution comes along withdrawling more money from our paychecks with out a say. Completely peeved to be a Californian. (and from all the other news articles I’ve seen out there on the Internet, I am not alone in my feelings).

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