No Spend Week starts…Now!

We are going for a no spend week starting (whatching minute hand – tick, tick, tick)… NOW!

Why? Because we are $200 behind our goal for the Island of Hawaii Vacation. And we definitely need to catch up on that one!

  • We have $358 cash allowance for the week
  • Minus Gas $100 (Me – $50 | DH – $50)
  • Minus Grocery $100

Potential Savings: $158

I know we can do! We already saved $50 of that from not going out to eat tonight.hawaii I will keep you updated on the trials and tribulations like Musings of a Midlife Mom is doin’.

Then, we are going to try this again in 2 weeks so that we have money to camp at the Kern River (hopefully we won’t get any drunk and crazy hesian construction men blitzed out of our mind and up til 3am being stupid – this year – Me hold a grudge? Nah!)

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6 thoughts on “No Spend Week starts…Now!

  1. Sharon

    Yeah! So glad to have you on board!!! You can do it!!!! A week definitely seems doable, and $100.00 for groceries? You’ll have to share your menu!!

    P.S. Thanks for the chicken recipe! I’ll definitely try it!

  2. admin

    @ Sharon: Thank you. Well, our $100 a week for the local grocery store. Usually varies between $80 – $120 per week. That doesn’t include the the Once a month Costco (store up on meat) trip equalling @ $220. πŸ˜‰

    So, $620 ish per month or about $150 a week for a family of 4.

    Oh and the chicken recipe… we also added to taste with Mrs. Dash original. Super yummy!

  3. admin

    @ dinah: Thanks! My plans today… do some frugal grocery shopping, glue bails on my scrabble tiles, and um… housework (woohoo!).

    @ Laura: Thanks. I think DH & I will be able to manage a week. But, only time will tell. The weekend being the hardest of them all!

    @ jpkittie: Thanks! But if you click my twitter button you will see my inner voice screaming at me to spend now that I can’t. LOL.

    Hope you are having a great weekend, y’all!

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