New Updated Spreadsheet/Tracking Log

Check out the updated spreadsheet and let me know whatch ya think! There are four tabs: Cash Allowance, Monthly Bills, Debt & Savings. You’re welcome to export your own copy and use it for FREE! It is partially based off Dave Ramsey principles and mixed with a little bit of a personal touch. Instructions will follow soon. Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

ps – Shouldn’t be to hard to personalize it for your own needs. Even if you’re not a computer genius. To export you own copy: open link, click “Edit”, go to File, Export as .xls. Tada!

10 thoughts on “New Updated Spreadsheet/Tracking Log

  1. Saver Queen

    This is great. Can you believe we still haven’t done a budget? It’s been months since we’ve been “roughly estimating’ – and you know how easy it is to under-estimate what and where you’re spending!

  2. Sharon Rose

    Hi there-well done on updating your spreadsheets, its soo great to be organised and I can’t wait to see that 6th card PIF my dear!

  3. Money Funk

    @ shtinkykat: thanks for the feedback.

    @ ms. moneychat:Thank U, thank U!

    @ saver queen: Rough estimating doesn’t work for me. lol! It’s hard to budget. took me 3 months to finally get on track in getting comfortable with it.

    @ sharon rose: thank you! I can’t wiat for the 6th either. So close! πŸ™‚

  4. RTC

    These look wonderful! I’m going to recommend these to my daughters.
    Thank you for sharing your hard work.

  5. Christine

    @ RTC: Thanks. πŸ™‚ Love to hear the feedback!

    @ becomingdebtfree2009: I keep a notebook to track my daily spending and bills that I pay. But the spreadsheet to track the big picture. Let me here whatchya think. Feedback appreciated (even not in favor)

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