No Spend Month Project

392948hawaii-postersMusings of a Midlife Mom is going to try a No Spend Month in July. And her posts leading up to trial have started the cogs in my brain to spin.

She claims that she can save approx. $3,000 if her family pulls together. One Month.

It made me think… this can help boost our family’s vacation trip and debt repayment journey. That extra money for this financial journey starts right in the home. A simple concept that flipped on a switch to a light bulb moment.

lc_2times a year, MMM is going to try this event. I think that is perfect. I think that I may try this No Spend Month even for a couple of weeks at a time or even every other week for a month. I figure the family can save up to $450 every two weeks. Not a bad boost when it is being put on top of our $430 per month savings transfer.

I would like to save approx $6,500 for a family of four trip to Hawaii. But, I would also like to get the family to understand the need to trim expenses to acheive a trip such as this one.

I think it is time to post the vacation meter board with what we have vs need to save for trip. And it’s time to show them if we curb our spending a bit we can excel and claim those extra excursion items like luaus, kayaking, or boating.

BTW, we curbed our expenses this last week by staying home and ended up with an extra $150 to put towards our savings! Yeah! See, its working already. 😉

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  1. Sharon

    Thanks for the plug! I’ll be posting more about it soon! It’s GREAT to know you will be joining me…someone to share it with will make it easier…I just know it!

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