Book Giveaway – Where the Jobs are Now

WHERE THE JOBS ARE NOW: The Fastest Growing Industries and How to Break into Them
by Joe Watson

Excerpt from McGraw-Hill Professional Group:

Despite the current job market, there are industries that are still extremely successful and open to new job seekers. Prominent career advisor Joe Watson shows you how to delve into the top 7 industries for stability, profitability, and job satisfaction.

Where the Jobs Are Now is a one-stop resource and reference guide that breaks down these growth industries (healthcare, biotechnology, energy, education, government, security and information technology) and their roles in a clear, down-to-earth way, and most importantly, shows how you can quickly gain the necessary skills for a long and profitable career in any of these fields. Regain your feelings of security and confidence and take control of your future.

  • Gives a detailed breakdown of career opportunities in the fastest-growing industries
  • Offers the most recent information on how to get the training you need to start in or transfer to one of these industries – with minimal disruption

This book helps you match your existing skills to the market and get the training you need—without overturning your life. Take control of your future with an exciting new career that is guaranteed to weather any economic climate.

My Thoughts: I agree that healthcare and biotechnology are some of the fastest growing careers. Especially in research. The salary for healthcare research is decent, but above that, the career has been extremely stable in the face of recession.

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12 thoughts on “Book Giveaway – Where the Jobs are Now

  1. Kevin@OutOfYourRut

    The books seems like a buy on instinct alone. If the job market is improving, we need to know where to look to find the best ones. So many jobs look so shaky right now even in the face of a recovery.

    You hit on an important point with “Regain your feelings of security and confidence and take control of your future.” Too many jobs/careers aren’t offering enough security to think and plan too far into the future. We can overlook the importance of that in the search for a paycheck a.s.a.p.

  2. Len Penzo

    Thanks for the review, Christine.

    Flexibility and being well-rounded is key in being able to snag a job in a competitive market, so it is important for all of us to continually be learning new things.

    For those of you in high school, if you want to make yourself as marketable as possible, consider a degree in science or engineering.

    Those are the most valuable undergraduate degrees available and provide you with the most options and highest paying jobs out of college.

    All the best,

    Len Penzo dot Com

    1. Money Funk

      Definitely good advice about science or engineering. My kids always try and tell me they won’t need ‘this math’ or ‘that class’. But I’ll tell you, in my job… I use all I learned in my math and science classes daily. 😉

      Flexibility – good key. I’ve seen some coworkers hurt themselves because they didn’t have this ability.

  3. Adrienne

    Hmm… sounds interesting. I’m wondering if my field is still a good one to be in (engineering). There are talks of more layoffs (yes, more) at my work, so this book may be useful! My boyfriend is in the healthcare industry so I’d be interested to know which realm he should delve into.

    1. Money Funk

      With a healthcare background… a career in as a clinical research coordinator/monitor/associate is very lucrative even in a time of economic challenges. Nursing is always good too!

  4. peggy

    I’m interested to see how they describe each of the industries they cover. These days, so many fields are merging. Plus there’s also the “green movement”. Thanks for this giveaway.

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