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  1. Simplelivin'

    My mom did too! Lol. I have a few ING accounts, although right now I’m frustrated with them. It seems like every time I’ve signed on recently the APY has dropped. I know that they are still one of the highest interest accounts, but it drives me crazy that every 2 weeks or so it drops a bit more.

    1. money funk

      It must be their catching orange ball of a logo. 😀
      You might check Ally Bank. They were just rated by Klipinger’s as the best online savings account. The rates are rather competitive, too. I am seriously thinking about going with Ally for some of my funds.

      Hang in there. The interest rates may stay low for a while, but they will climb back up.

    1. money funk

      I just added you to my blogroll. 😀

      I wish I had money to deposit in all these accounts! They have a great referral program, too. Help friends and family join in on the right track.

  2. Annie

    Ha! Giddyup, indeed! I love my ING savings account. It was dormant for a long while, but now I can hardly stay away from it. I would recommend it to anyone, particularly as it’s not ‘super-easy’ access, in that it does take a couple of days to get transfers to your regular account. It really makes you more aware of WHY you need to access your savings there.

    1. money funk

      Hi Annie! So glad you could stop on by. I told my mom it took 2 days… she wasn’t totally keen on the idea (although its better than a lot of the 5 days most banks take). But you’re right, it serves as a good way to KEEP the money in the bank (as it should be).

    1. money funk

      My fellow Yakezie, you’ve been added to my blogroll, too. 😀

      I am going to need to utilize their services soon, as I keep hearing great things about them.

  3. Money Beagle

    I’ve been a big fan of ING Direct. I’ve not been such a big fan of their interest rate cuts. I know that interest rates everywhere have been cut but when they went from 1.35 to 1.1%, I got sad.

  4. harvestwages

    Hello christine,
    I thought i was the only person to know this service.
    What i like most with the ING Direct service, is their interest rates. I think they are the best i’ve found online.

  5. RainyDaySaver

    As soon as we get our tax refund, I’m SO opening an ING savings account. The interest rates are crap these days, but ING is a bit higher crap, lol.

  6. Lee | Search Engine Viking

    I love high-interest online savings accounts! I got mine through Emigrant Direct (after some serious back-and-forth debating between it and ING) several years ago, and love it. I’m sure I’d be equally happy with ING.

    Even though the rates have gone down considerably from the 5.25% I signed up for, I’m still making more than 1% now – whereas my old traditional bank savings account makes somewhere in the neighborhood of .04%. That means I’m making 25 TIMES more money with an online account 🙂

  7. Victorino @MoneyRelease

    Thanks for researching and posting this information. I really like quick application, as it makes me excited sometimes when I see opportunities like this. The high interest seems to be appealing. No fees and minimum is great. Plus the easy access is ideal. But still I would love to hear from persons who really have into it.

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