I’m Making My Kids drink Chocolate Milk!

LOL! I really am making them have Chocolate milk with dinner. Why? Because I do not want to waste the 1/2 gallon of milk left in my fridge. πŸ™‚

Day 1: Surprisingly good.

  • I don’t know if we unconsciously stocked up last week with our groceries (because I sure didn’t realize we were doing a No Spend Week until Yesterday).
  • Or I just became real keen about what is already stocked in our kitchen for next week’s menu plan (which I will be posting on Orgjunkie.com)
  • Or because the kid’s get out of school this week and I didn’t have to buy as much in convenient lunch products
  • My grocery list was very minimal this week. All I needed was:

    Aisle 1

    Flour Tortillas
    Thousand Island Dressing
    Diced Olives


    Canned Corn
    Applesauce cups
    (2) Chili beans, canned
    12pk soda (DD school function)
    Capri Sun


    Watermelon (DD school function)
    Yellow Onion
    (2) Salad Mix


    Garlic Cheese Bread

    Still to Buy

    Fish Food ($20)
    DH Medication Co-pay ($10-$20)

    We only spent $37.73 on groceries (+20 for DH wallet and +5 for son’s lunch for the week)! Grocery Allotment Total so far: $62.73. With the remaining two expenditures, that will put us at a potential week (grocery allotment) expenditure $102.73 by the week’s end.

    Well… stay tuned. I will be posting my Week’s Menu on Sunday.

    Happy Saturday, y’all.

    3 thoughts on “I’m Making My Kids drink Chocolate Milk!

    1. dinah

      you are doing great with the spending!

      i wish chocolate milk lasted long enough in our house to even think about going bad. husband and kidlet drink it down the minute it gets in the house. πŸ˜›

    2. Sharon

      Good for you!!! I just blogged about my grocery shopping bill. I was on empty…which shows in my bill…

      You are doing awesome! Can’t wait to see your menu…

    3. admin

      @ dinah: well, the kids had me buy a gallon of milk for their chocolate milk … but it hasn’t disappeared. I ended up throwing out a 1/2 gallon of milk because of it! So, this time I bought my usual 1/2 gallon for the cereal cause. πŸ™‚

      @ Sharon: ya, for some reason we were stocked. it was weird cuz normally I spend at least $80. I don’t know what was different. Maybe I decided we were going to empty the pantry for this project.

      I think a no spend month will take some getting used to. Like when we first budgeted. It took our family about 3 months to get the hang of staying w/in our budget. Perhaps this is the same.

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