Fun with Paper Mache makes for a great family day!

Child’s play, paper clay, glue, and paint and a twist of imagination is all it takes to make these little novelties.

To early for Halloween? I think not! Did I mention I love Halloween? We got the whole family together sitting at the table by getting our hands messy and tried our hands at fun with Paper Mache!

Einstein & Fred

a couple of Happy Pumpkin Ornaments

Einstein & Fred are chillin’ on top of our fireplace. Einstein is mine & Fred is my daughter’s. See how their eyes sparkle?

Happy Face Witch

a child’s spooky happy face

My daughter’s rendition of a spooky happy face. I have to say that she is quite the artist!

tiny red shoes for a missing giraffe

Who’s tiny red shoes are these? Why they belong to a giraffe that is hanging out to dry!

red the beer drinkin' friend

So for the time being they are being worn by Red – our beer drinkin’ friend!

I have to say it made for a perfect Sunday activity! It’s not easy to get us all in one place at one time! LOL! This was definitely a valuable activity.

Directions to Einstein & Fred can be found, here.

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  1. admin

    @ Ms. MoneyChat: Thank you. We are having a lot of fun with many crafting projects lately. Good therapy, I suppose. 🙂

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