The Biz Idea

Thoughts and Ideas percolating in my head. It’s time to get them out on paper. Wanna her what pours out?

I joined the The Yakezie Challenge started by Financial Samurai. It’s been great, as it strengthens my knowledge for how to grow a blog or to acknowledge what it takes to monetize on a blog (community, networking & consistancy in writing is a must).

Don’t get me wrong, I write my personal finance journey because I love my blogging friends, I need to hold myself accountable for my finance journey, and if I can help anyone out from my trials & tribulations then that is great! But, it is also nice to have the minute extra income to help pay down my debt, buy an extra Christmas present, or help to catapult other ideas or giveaways.

But for me, this challenge has also made me realize I don’t want to quit my full-time job to write personal finance related content, as it is not my passion. I believe you have to have passion or a strong desire to continue building your empire or one might as well not pursue it.

Looking for Inspiration

Recently, there has been a couple of outstanding posts that have smacked me upside the head by speaking my tune with the whole, “What I want to do with my life”.

Ryan from Planting Dollars wrote a great inspirational piece about Warren Buffet’s mind called, I Always Knew I was Going to be Rich. Ryan says, “it all started in his mind and with his unwavering belief”. I think we should all possess this unwavering belief.

The second, written by Moon from Experiments in Passive Income, was a featured guest post at The InfoPreneur called, “Clamping the Noise In your Head: Learn From My Mistakes. She says, “As youngsters, we have more passion and less care for details and consequences.” As kids, we didn’t research a subject to death and then not complete our task. We just did it. Maybe that’s the key, just get up and hustle our worth.

I bring these two post up because 1) laugh all you may, but I have always believed that I am going to be rich and 2)it is time to just get up and do it!

I tell my husband all the time, I am suppose to make it big. I feel it. And it’s not due to winning the lotto, but by hard work built by my hands. Then, I realize that I am not getting any younger. Either I am going to do it NOW or I will crash with resentment.

So with all this above, here is…

What I did realize

My 2 1/2 – 3 years of blogging and Financial Samurai’s challenge made me realize I want to beable to quit my 9-5 job to monetize on producing my own product and getting it out there with the helpful use of social media. I know what it takes now to get the ‘word’ heard on the internet by many people.

Many of you, keep hearing me yap about Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food, etc… This my passion. I can write about this for eons. πŸ˜€

It’s time I lay out my plan to you. Keep in mind it is still a work in progress and only the beginning of my empire (Muahahahahaha…).

The Rough Draft

I was always been fascinated with Mr. Roger’s show because of the factory tours. I love watching how things are made. It has always fascinated me, still to this day.

I want to create my own product with my own factory.

Forward on…

Intially, I was thinking about starting small, due to lack of capital, by starting a raw-vegan blog and writing eBooks to accrue funding. But, it is not my intentions to make the internet my main focus. I want to make my product a focus.

I decided, I am going to keep busy by coming up with my branding material, my merchandising designs and testing products. All the while building up a business plan, applying for a licenses and small business loans, etc…

And my blogging will take you on my journey. Of course, mixed in with our getting out of debt journey and Menu Plan Monday.

Now, if I can just stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. Whatchya think?

36 thoughts on “The Biz Idea

  1. Laura@move to portugal

    I like your plan Christine. I think the main thing, like you said, with a business idea is to love what you’re getting into and know your product/service. If you’re passionate about something then you’re more likely to suceed. Natural food has always been your passion, I could tell that, even from your pf blog, so very good luck πŸ™‚

  2. Forest

    Well I think this is awesome and I am happy to be here following at the beggining.

    I am just starting an ebook to be marketing from my website at a low cost… would love to know your thoughts on it actually.

    1. money funk

      Forest, Thank you.
      I like the internet because it can be a low start up. Especially for marketing purposes. And my time on the internet has taught me many useful things that will help to inspire and grow this business.

      I would love to read your eBook and offer feedback.

  3. Mrs. Money

    I’m a fan! I agree- vegan foods and vegetarianism is something I’m interested in. Let me know when you get it started! πŸ™‚

  4. Little House

    I think it’s great! You might want to check out food magazines, since you want to start writing about it first, and see if they would option an article on raw or vegan food. It could equate into a part-time writing gig to help build up a following. Then, you would have those readers, who are already into raw and vegan foods, become excited about your products. Just an idea, but it may be one way to begin.

    Good luck!

    1. money funk

      Oh, I like that idea of writing pieces for food magazines. There are a couple of small magazines I can get written pieces published. You’re right, it could be a way to build a decent following. Thanks!

  5. Evolution Of Wealth

    I love it! You’ve got the passion. You wrote it down. Now make it happen. I must say I think I like your initial idea of starting with a blog and ebooks and the like. Don’t use that just to accrue funding, which could definitely help, but as a way to build your brand. Build a following that will then buy the products. Just a thought.

    1. money funk

      Thank you! I love the great feedback I am recieving! True, it wouldn’t be just to accrue funding but to also build a community/brand. I think my only fear is that I will get caught up in the internet marketing side without materializing other aspects of my biz. Perhaps if I put my goals on a timeline schedule. That may help keep me on course. Idea considered. Now, just to think of a name. I think it’s holding me back. Hmmm… time for some keyword searching.

  6. Evan

    This may be taboo for the hardcor entrupeuners out there…but are there any local natural places? You can learn from their mistakes as long as you don’t tell them that is what you are doing lol

    1. money funk

      Natural food shops… like Trader Joes, Clark’s Nutrition…there are one or two more small natural food shops in my area. I ran a small business prior to this one (online dog bakery) and did set out to learn from business trials/mistakes w/out their knowledge. So, I don’t think its taboo. I think its smart. πŸ˜‰

    1. money funk

      Thanks! I need it. πŸ˜€
      I am… and the gears are clicking. Where to start first? I told my husband I need to make a schedule to keep me on track that I am making progress. Time to do that.

  7. Ryan @ Planting Dollars

    It’s great that you’re following the thing you could talk about for eons… that’s usually a pretty good indicator that you’ll follow through. It’s also great that I got to smack you upside the head… lol πŸ˜‰

    Are you planning on wholesaling or directly selling your food products?

    Also, how are you determining your apparel vendor? I’ve heard good things about cafepress for drop shipping.

    1. money funk

      Kisses to you! You just saved me tons of time. I was always iffy about using Cafe Press. But I thoroughly checked them out and they have exactly what I need. And opening a premium shop is not to expensive at that. It’ll make for a great start in merchandising.

      Now to go search out the gems in 574,000 Products pointing to “Vegan”.

      As for wholesaling or direct, I haven’t yet decided on that point. I think it may wholesale. The only direct point will be via my website.

  8. Moon Hussain

    First, Christine, thanks for the link, it’s always appreciated and I’m glad if it helped you with anything.

    Second, this caught me off-guard, as I feel the same:

    “I tell my husband all the time, I am suppose to make it big. I feel it. And it’s not due to winning the lotto, but by hard work built by my hands. Then, I realize that I am not getting any younger. Either I am going to do it NOW or I will crash with resentment. ”

    I’ve felt this for a few years and I think the urgency has hit me since last year. I’ve made quite a few years since last June (my birthday). I’ve started getting the birthday blues, but not this year baby. I want to establish some sort of online income by then so I can celebrate at my achievements of the past year.

    Christine, I think you should start out with a blog about your food stuff, it’s always nice to “connect” to readers. You should th ink some more on it and solidify your plans. I hope those Friday braindumps help me do the same πŸ˜‰

    1. money funk

      You’re welcome.

      I seem to have a concensus on starting the blog to build my connections.

      I just fear this will take up my time and I will lose focus. Then I started to think about it more. I need at least 6 month worth of articles to get started. This will allow me to focus on other tasks of the business and not get caught up in the blogging aspects.
      Where did you find your writer? I think I may outsource some of this to gain a start on this biz? Of course, I may hit up the raw vegan forums to find a writer too. Hmmm….

      We’re going to make it Moon. We have the ‘get out there and make it happen’ mode going. πŸ˜€

  9. Mama Bird

    Good for you for starting something! I have to ask though and it doesn’t really have to do with your biz idea, but when I read you saying that you want to be “rich” and to “make it big”, I am interested in what these two things actually mean to you and how you think this business will make that happen?

    I’m not trying to be a naysayer either. I think everyone should reach for their goals and dreams and block out the ‘buts’ they hear from everyone else.

    I just wonder because I used to have similar feelings, especially on the ‘rich’ part. But after beginning to pursue a few ideas, I realized that what I really wanted required more time than money…much harder to come by and something I wasn’t going to get with any of the business ideas that I was coming up with.

    Still trying to come up with my own plan. Best of luck with yours!

    1. money funk

      Thank you, Mama Bird.

      “Rich” I do equate this with money. I feel that I am to become rich with at least a Net Worth of $2 Million (perhaps I will strike gold? ;)) and “Make it Big” – that I am going to excel past my week points that hold me back. Like public speaking – I am great at it, but the fear makes me freeze (doesn’t public speaking do that to us all?).

      I think its great I am not the only one who feels the ‘rich’ gut feeling. And I don’t think we should shun it or feel guilty for making it ‘rich’. As for the more time than money… I think it just makes us realize we want to play it smart; not to be bogged down while making the revenue.

      I think there will be a lot of work in the beginning of any venture. Have you thought about seeking a mentor to make the path a bit clearer?

      1. Mama Bird

        I agree that if rich is what you want to be that you shouldn’t feel guilty about it, although I don’t really have these feelings anymore. My perspective on it has changed quite a bit in the last 3-4 years. When I asked what it ‘means’ to you, it’s more a question what it’s going to give you that you don’t have now. For me, Tim Feriss struck a cord when he wrote, “People don’t want to be millionaires – they want to experience what they feel only millions will buy”. That was when I realized that it wasn’t more money that I wanted and what I wanted could be achieved with a LOT less money than I originally thought.

        So, I’m wondering what you feel that a net of 2 million will mean for you and your family. It must mean something for you to pick that number?

        As for a mentor for myself, I don’t really feel it’s my time for that right now. I have two very young boys who take up a lot of my time and don’t really allow me the time I need/want to think about that sort of thing. Soon I will have that time, but for now, I’m trying hard to enjoy them while they are little since it goes so fast. It’s hard for me, but I’m trying to be more present with them.

        1. money funk

          2 million is because a cool million isn’t the high number anymore. Its more of a personal goal to see if I can obtain it; challenge myself to meet that goal. Plus, the state of California you need at least a mil. πŸ˜‰

          If I lived in Belize or Panama than $500K might be my number, as the costs of living is cheaper. So, it has to do with my place of residence and personal challenge.

          It would also give me the one luxury I really want to work towards and have always dreamed of… a nice, size able house in a really good neighborhood. Granted, the house I really want is $850K. So that $2mil just might need to be increased.

          And I think you are right to spend ultimate time with your family. I do miss that luxury. I just read an article that states we only spend 12 1/2 hours with our kids during the weekdays in a 2 parent income. Sad.

          So, I would love if this business takes off and I can work on my own accord & in my own home. πŸ˜€

  10. Girl Startup

    Yay! Nice post. I didn’t know you loved raw vegan, I’m really interested in the raw lifestyle too. I follow Beth (Bunny Berry) who started the community did try to monitise at one stage on the site, and it didn’t turn out too well. She started a magazine and other products and well their were issues with writers, time management, money etc and it really caused a big stir. So you just have to be careful about being really organised….which I think you would be really good at πŸ™‚ Also I think she really realised that raw food is about a passion, and it just didn’t seem to feel right to her mixing her passion with income. It lost it’s direction then…now it’s back on track πŸ™‚

    I think the raw cookbook sounds good.

    Can’t wait to see your progression!

    1. money funk

      Yup! Right now I follow Penny at And I do know about, but I didn’t know about the trouble she came about with trying to build her empire. Wow. But I commend her on trying. We won’t know until we test the waters. I think I will need to check her site out again.

      Thank you, for thinking I would be good at the organization. πŸ˜€ And I need to get cooking on making this idea happen.

      Definitely keep you updated!

  11. Samurai

    Well done C! Sounds like you are really getting inspired and making things happen. You’ve got your reader base, your fellow Yakezie Challengers and your own desire to help you succeed. What more could you want?

    There’s a second part to the challenge which will be coming out in July. I think it’s going to rock, and you and Little House, with her Flashlight Cap idea can help blaze the way!

    Best of luck. Go for it!!


    1. money funk

      Mr. Samurai… I ask for a clear path. πŸ™‚

      Yesterday, I presented my idea. Today, I stumbled up a great mentor. I think I may just partake in this opportunity. I virtually know some great people that use her as a mentor and they are doing a wonderful job of what they love along with making the money to support it. That’s a win-win situation for me.

      Oh, Little House has a Flashlight Cap idea… gotta go check it out.

      Thank you, Sam. I intend on moving forward with it. πŸ˜€

  12. Monevator

    Hi, great stuff as everyone says. Can definitely see the attractions of starting with the information products early on (low capital etc).

    However, just to push the envelope a bit, it has to be said there’s a ton of information on the Internet being put up by millions of people hoping to scrape a few $$$ talking about their passion. If you go for that route I’m sure your enthusiasm, warmth and the consistency you’ve already taken with MF will get you there — it might take a while though.

    In contrast, the number of people actually making products and selling them is much smaller, because it’s a lot hard to create a new product than to create a blog.

    So just to play Devil’s Advocate, I wonder if it might be worth at least mapping out how you could get a product going – starting small, of course.

    Remember you don’t need your own factory – you probably don’t want it. Modern food preparation people are geared up to create whatever you send them the ingredients for. (You might need to hunt someone who’ll deal with small runs).

    Like this you concentrate on the truly valuable stuff, like product creation (recipes etc), marketing, and distribution. They make the stuff, which is low margin anyway.

    Have a Google for a UK company called ‘Innocent’, who make smoothies.

    They were three friends who started their business after creating a smoothie recipe and field testing it at a music festival. They got huge and have never to my knowledge owned the factory etc. They instead focus on the brand, and also things like removing excess packaging from their offering, to make it greener etc.

    Hope not too much of a brain dump, best of luck with it! πŸ™‚

    1. money funk

      It’s funny you should bring that up. After I posted this, I found a mentor who coaches a couple of the big raw food business that I know of out there. One lady made her business’ $300K revenue increase to $600K last year. And she sells on informational products (raw food coaching, raw food business professional, etc…). Made me think if maybe I should invest in informational products with my raw vegan business and join this women’s group. Go a bit of a different route than what I wrote about. I plan on researching some more before investing money. Because as you say there are lots of people going this route. What is going to stand me out over the rest?

      I do intend to map the whole business process. Take my trial and tribulations on this blog.

      Those smoothies sound delicious! Especially the thickies.

      Thank you for the brain dump! And thank you. I can’t wait to start generating these ideas to fruitation!

  13. Alice

    Very inspiring and well done you! I have no doubt that your enthusiasm and passion will get you to where you want to be πŸ˜‰ vegan for life now then?????!!!!!!!!! x

    1. money funk

      How is your vegan diet going? Mine, pretty good. I haven’t been 100%, but pretty darn close! Vegan for life. πŸ˜€ I think I could really jive with this stuff. And to replace the dairy and eggs has been pretty easy with do from my regular grocery store. And thanks for the great words!

      1. Alice

        fab! Yes, I am kind of sticking to the vegan diet. I have swapped dairy milk for soya (which I love anyway) and my big love – butter – for soya spread, which I think is actually really nice. To be honest, it’s easier than I thought to make small changes that take me to the vegan diet. I guess being veggie to start has helped, but still – it’s easier than people think, I think!!!!

        1. money funk

          I look forward to baking vegan style. As for muffins, I am always a big fan of replacing some of the oil with applesauce. πŸ˜€

  14. Money Reasons

    That’s great! Good for you!

    After all, it beats looking back 20 years later wondering, “What if”!

    I admire both the courage and passion that you and Ryan have! We readers, will have a great time reading about your success, either here, facebook or on twitter πŸ™‚

    Best of Luck, we’ll be rooting for you!!!

    1. money funk

      Thanks! Ya, I do a lot of the ‘what if’. I don’t want anymore of those.

      And thanks. I think it’s great how Ryan’s website niche is coming along. It is really fun following his journey.

      I love all the valuable feedback I receive in the blogging world. πŸ˜€

  15. Bytta@151 Days Off

    My most ‘favouritest’ singer, Jason Mraz, is also on raw vegan diet πŸ˜€ Celebrities are powerful influences, aren’t they? You should take advantage of that. One time I read this niche teddy bear maker in Australia who sent one of their bears to SJP, and she wrote a nice letter to them. It immediately took off. It’s not a fad if you are consistent and providing quality content.

    I haven’t tried such diet but this movement works alongside green and minimalism revolution we’ve seen everywhere.

    We’re all keeping an eye on you πŸ™‚

    1. money funk

      I know about Jason Mraz. That is so cool! Yeah to the raw vegan celebs! I also hear celebs like David Bowie and Uma Thurman are partaking too. Then again, I think David Bowie is a vampire. LOL. He still looks good and ages nicely. πŸ˜€

      Thank Bytta! I can’t wait to start implementing some of these ideas. I am waiting until I return from holiday (Hawaii) the beginning of April. Break and then work. lol.

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