You have now entered…

You have entered the Twilight Zone twilightzonestopoverinaqui2
Beyond this world strange things are known
Use the key, unlock the door
See what your fate might have in store
Come explore your dreams’ creation
Enter this world of imagination


I think I’ve lost focus.


Let me start again and let’s talk some money! Who has some?!?!

14 thoughts on “You have now entered…

    1. admin

      LOL. I would be nice if a bunch of money fell in my lap. I love that we can dream whilst living with no money. πŸ™‚

    1. admin

      You’re STILL spending????? What is this spending spree steming from? As Dr. Phil would probably ask…. what are you trying to make up for that is missing in your life? LOL. Don’t let your hard work go back to the bottom!

  1. Rochelle

    I have money – which can only mean I forgot to pay a bill- hehe! No, I haven’t been spending but I haven’t been doing anything with my extra money either. I’m just stalling.

  2. admin

    HAHA. I know what you mean about stalling. There are many times I stall to pay the bills or to spend it. It’s usually because I am trying to decide if I am going to allocate funds to a bigger expenditure. πŸ˜‰

    Plus, I get tired of my whole paycheck going to bills. So, I let it sit for a bit to pretend I have money to keep. LOL.

  3. April

    I’ve entered the Twilight Zone just keeping up with your site changes! LOL!! (Gotta admit–like this look a whole lot better than the Tiki Hut–I kept getting lost in the Hut!)

  4. admin

    The site changes are the whole reason for the Twilight Zone. LOL. Maybe I should become a web designer. Can you imagine if I put all this energy into paying down my debt?LOL.

    I had a feeling people were getting lost. Readership went down. Which is normal with a change, but temporary. It wasn’t going back up. Hence the change. I’m glad you like it. Please let me know anytime, if there is something not jiving on my site. πŸ™‚

  5. admin

    Thanks, RTC. I really have every intention of leaving it the way it is. But sometimes, the site is like my pen collection at work – depends on the mood. lol. I guess I need to find another aspect to change. Hmmm….

  6. Ms. MoneyChat

    honestly, i really think you should pursue web/blog design for folks. i paid someone to do my blog so i know there’s a market out there for it. give it a try … see what happens. i know you’re moving towards The Great Transition so this may be another avenue of earning add’l income.

  7. Ms. MoneyChat

    oh, but the question was who has some money?! LOL. well, i have a little bit and thanks to honda, i have a little less than i did 24 hours ago. well heck, it’s not honda’s fault, the car is 11 years old and it does have nearly 200K miles on it. it’s just nice to have someone else to blame sometimes. πŸ˜‰

  8. admin

    Maybe I shall consider. Although, I tend to just play around with web contents until it works. LOL. I wonder if I would understand it enough to set someone up.

    With your blog, I have an inkling that your background is a photobucket html link. Why do I think this? Because when I am at work…all Photobucket linked images do not show up. So, I don’t get the pretty version, just a plain background. If you have a web hosting domain like, Blue Host than you can upload the images there and it would always show up for me. πŸ˜‰

    The Great Transition – I like the sound of that.

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