Where’s your Basil?

Hey Who’s A Blogwhore?…. Where’s your Basil????

So, you might be wondering what I am talking about. Back in May Who’s A Blogwhore said she planted some basil from seeds and didn’t know if they were going to grow. Well, I planted some at the same time…. forgot to mix my Miracle Grow Garden Soil with topsoil so nothing ever came up (well, at least soon enough for my liking). Because MGG Soil is extremely contained soil. You have to loosen it up.

So, I mixed my soil the right way and replanted some basil seeds…. I’ve been waiting and waiting (all the while my cilantro and dill have come up) for some basil. “Maybe basil from seed isn’t easy to grow”, I said to myself. “Maybe I planted them too deep” “Maybe my seeds are old” (from last year). Maybe… maybe… maybe!

But look! At last I have a Basil! Can you see it?

Can you See It???

Yes, A basil. πŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Where’s your Basil?

  1. dinah

    buwahahahaha! awesome. i have planted the basil and i have about 4 of the same as what you have. it is very slow growing! it’s been about 3 weeks since i planted…& i’m losing patience…

    i think i might be watering it too much? i’ve got the container outside and i’m watering it every day….

  2. admin

    @ dinah. LOL. Well, I had to loosen the soil to airate it. I think cuz the sturdy plant has such a tiny, fragile seed it takes longer. Or it still was too cold outside during the night. I even incubated it to give it warmth by rubberbanding plastic wrap over it (don’t forget to poke a few holes) until it sprouted. But nothin’ for the longest time… maybe its just tempermental. And maybe I will have pesto in the winter instead of summer. LOL.

    @ RML: Least I know I am not the only one having issues. πŸ˜‰

  3. dinah

    i’ve got one pot outside and one pot inside and they both seem to be doing about the same.

    i planted red pepper plants today! i hope they grow.

  4. dinah

    my kid planted radishes at family sunday church 2 weeks ago and they are flourishing! a good 6 or 7 inches already! he’s convinced his seeds grow better then mine. πŸ˜›

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