Where I have been…

I notice as we repay our debts life slowly evolves into another common phase: living a simple life. It’s where the bounds of consumerism are slowly sloughed off and is replaced with the simple things in life.

I have started morphing into that phase and blogging about it in ReInventing C (it is still slightly in the construction phase). I realize that the true life I want to live is not about the items I can buy, but about the experiences I can create or delving into artistic creations. Freedom from debt will allow me to pursue this and claim the life I want to live. (There may be a chance I may merge this blog with ReInventing C. It will make my life easier – we will see).

Can you guess where I am at?

Experiences created from traveling or gathering of friends and family. Artistic creations like learning to cook from scratch, learning to make soap, crochet a blanket, or learn to mold clay.

These pictures are from the weekend I just spent. It was a fantastic weekend involving fun with family and friends.

What else have I been doing?

  • Well, I have been cleaning out the closets and made $20 on ebay with 2 purses (yeah).
  • I went to the library with my daughter and spend time reading with her during the night.
  • I donated a large batch of books to Friends of the Library
  • Delivered clothes to the Salvation Army
  • I have spending time with my husband outside putting a shed together (with due frustrations! lol!)

Just spending time living each moment.

And the Tinkering with the Bank Accounts is working quite well for us! When the money runs out, it runs out! And I don’t go over. We’re done! I really made it simplistic for us that I don’t have any financial conundrums to write about! lol!

Keep living for each moment! Hope your week is starting out great.

8 thoughts on “Where I have been…

  1. Doctor S

    There is not a better motto to live by than that: live the simple life. A small sentence that is so powerful, yet, sometimes so hard to accomplish. I think chronicling our experiences like we do and reading other peoples “war” stories help us come up with new ideas to achieving the goal of “the simple life”. Happy monday to you!

  2. Shtinkykat

    I can totally relate to this post! It seems like a lot of us PF bloggers who’ve started off battling enormous debt are finding some inner-peace with our new lifestyles. (Speaking of enjoying the simple stuff in life – I discovered a restaurant near my apt. that serves AWESOME pancit, lechon, lumpia and bibingkas. I am officially hooked!!)

  3. Money Funk

    Doctor S: very powerful sentence that I hope to practice some more. πŸ™‚

    OtCW: It really is satisfying, isn’t it? Why I didn’t do this sooner!

    jpkittie: thank U. I will. πŸ™‚ not spending money can be fun! lol!

    shtinkykat: Okay, now you made me really hungry. luckily I will get my dose of philipino food cuz the girls order it every Friday for lunch. :)~

    Debt Free 2009: it is a different outlook. one that i hope to really get use to. I noticed that my family spends on stuff every day…I want to look seeing what I can cut back. Also, to cut the trips to gather those things and lessen my carbon footprint.

    To All: would love to hear what you have been up to in simplying your journey.

  4. Saver Queen

    Great post. I think this is a great goal to have and I’m with you 100%. I’m seeking the simple life too, attempting to enjoy the abundance of simple pleasures and frugal luxuries that there are in this world. In addition, I too believe that experiences add more to your life than “stuff”.

  5. Ms. MoneyChat

    i’m late on responding but i’m exciting about your “rebirth’ if you will. look for a quote on my blog to come out of your post;-)

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