Week’s Round Up: The Ripple Effect

*Happy Friday! There are times in one’s life where family and friend’s take priority. This is one of them. As I take off the weekend to be with them, I hope these great posts keep you busy! There are so many talented writers!

This Week’s Round-up

Planting Dollars: Is Passive Income Possible?, is a rebuttal of sorts to the guest post featured on Fiscal Fizzle’s, called: There is No Such Thing as Passive Income.

Investor Junkie: Are you Saving Too Much? speaks out about our common issue in finding a happy financial medium between saving versus spending.

Get Rich Slowly: has a guest post, written by @ericabiz, called, Outsourcing Life: Unconventional Advice for When You’re Financially Secure. It marks my sentiments exactly for wanting to outsource. πŸ˜€

Financial Samurai: allowed @LeanLifeCoach guest post a terrific article called Marketing or Manipulation? (how consummerism sucks you in). Financial Samurai also twittered about a great archived post of his, called The DVD Method to CD Investing: The Only Way to Achieve Maximum Yield (tis a passive way to generate extra cash?)

Rainy-Day Saver: says to keep in a close eye on your credit card statements in Credit Card Interest Rate Increases: Excellent Credit Be Damned.

Young and Thrifty: did a good job with this post on Does Living Together Before Marriage Save You Money?.

Foreigner’s Finance: great post about How to Avoid My 3 Novice Investment Mistakes. Eventually soon, I would like to invest. This article is bookmarked to be reread.

Little House in the Valley: Why the 70’s Rock is a walk down memory lane. πŸ˜‰

Ultimate Money Blog: How to Make Mouthwash offers a frugal way to leave a minty clean feeling in your mouth. Be sure to check out the toothpaste recipe and how to make your own shampoo.

*Original content has been revised. Friday’s are to be happy.

15 thoughts on “Week’s Round Up: The Ripple Effect

  1. Ryan @ Planting Dollars

    Hi Christine,

    This is the first I’ve heard of your friend and I’m truly sorry to hear that… is it in the early stages? I don’t mean to pry so no worries if you don’t feel like sharing.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend off and thank you for the mention.


  2. Forest

    I’m really sorry to hear that :(, I have experienced some death in the family from cancer and other close members of the family have had cancer and cancer scares and are thankfully still alive…. It does make me worried that it’s in our genes…. However I do get upset with the lack of concern over personal fitness and health that my family holds.

    I try and keep a balance always. I live in Egypt right now and although I do work quite a few hours I make sure that I take advantage of the amazing opportunity to experience this crazy culture… Experiences like this have to be grabbed as I may not be here tomorrow….. All Work & No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy….

    I really hope your friend gets the right treatment for her and recovers :(.


  3. Mrs. Money

    I am so, so sorry. I know what she appreciates all your support. You are a great friend!! I will keep her in my thoughts.

    Thanks for the link. πŸ™‚

  4. Moon Hussain


    I don’t even know how to express the sadness/concern regarding your friend. If you don’t mine me asking, how far long is it? Either way, she needs her family and friends and if they’re anything like you…

    I hope she is able to kick some cancer ass. Anyway, looks like a fun round-up and I’ll be checking it out.

  5. Evan

    Being from Long Island, I know a ton of survivors if your friend ever wants to talk to one please have her e-mail me. You are doing a great thing.

  6. Little House

    Thanks so much for mentioning my post about the ’70’s! Ya gotta love Star Wars and Sesame Street!

    P.S. I notice that the comments above are expressing empathy for your friend, and that you’ve revised your post. I’m sure your concern and support will help her through these difficult times.

  7. Erica Douglass

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for the link! BTW, my link goes to twitter.com — can you change it to erica.biz please? Thanks again. πŸ™‚


  8. Matthew Needham

    Hi Christine, thanks for sharing these blogs. I’m going to check them out.

    I particularly like why you started this blog, all power to you.

    Good luck in your quest in clearing your debt.

  9. youngandthrifty

    Thanks for including my post about living together before marriage, Moneyfunk =)

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s diagnosis, it CAN be beat- I would recommend telling your friend to read a book called “Anti-Cancer”. It’s written by a physician who had a brain tumour himself… very inspiring and has great tips on the foods to eat to kick cancer-butt.

  10. money funk

    Thank you to all of your for comments about my friend. I pray for the best! We still do not know the minute details about the diagnosis, only that it seems to be agressive in nature. πŸ™ Few more tests to undergo this week to determine the best course of action. *keeping my fingers crossed*

    @Ryan – great post deserves proper recognition

    @Forest – least the thought is in our head to be mindful of our health. I am glad that I am starting to implement a healthy lifestyle again.

    @Mrs. Money – You’re welcome. I enjoyed the post(s). And the fact they are eco-friendly.

    @Moon Hussain – Hope you found some great articles to read over the weekend! And kicked some passive income building skills!

    @Evan – Thank you. I will pass it on. One thing I have learned from working in cancer research, having a great outlook on the future and support really does help.

    @Little House – I loved it! And I love Star Wars. Always! I was a big fan of Romper Room, too. LOL. Always waited for my name to be called.

    @Erica Douglass – Can’t wait to outsource! I think if you can direct your time to more important issues – like building a business, spending time with your family, working pay off debt faster – then it makes perfect sense to outsource some of those menial tasks (would love to get ride of cleaning bathrooms, lawn maintenance, etc…).

    @Investor Junkie – read my reply to Ryan’s comment. It applies to your post, too. πŸ™‚

    @Wojciech Kulichki – You’re welcome. See my reply to Ryan’s comment, too. Same goes to you and your post.

    @RainyDaySaver – I had fun reading them. And then I find more cool stuff. You really can be on the internet reading forever. LOL.

    @Ausin – You are welcome. How’s that Alexa Ranking going for you?

    @LeanLifeCoach – Thank you. You’re welcome. Very nice article. I was discussing something private label products and marketing products this weekend to my husband and he got an eye opener. He didn’t realize that Vitamin A company’s product could be the same exact formula as Vitamin B company’s product. It’s just who markets the product better is going to recieve the recognition.

    @youngandthrifty – You are welcome. I am glad to know that breast cancer has a good rate of beating it. Thank you for the book recommendation. I will let her know.

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