…we interrupt this message with some important news…

Okay, not truly important. Forgive if my postings become sporatic for a week or two, but I get to happily (sarcastically) serve as a juror for a Federal Court case (ooooohhh).

I have never gone to court for jury selection and have never served on a trail. Lucky me, I get to do both! lol! It must be karma for getting out of it previously all these years. 🙂

So, from 9am to 5pm I get to sit in a courtroom and listen to testimony from all sorts of interesting people (did you know cats can meow while yawning? sorry, my cat just now proved this to me). Well, the good parts: I get out of work; i don’t have to commute 80 miles a day (this is more like 5 miles each way); and I am doing something new and potentially interesting. Oh ya, and I get to wear jeans and tennis shoes. woo hoo!

Love reading all your blogs and thanks for visiting! ~Christine

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9 thoughts on “…we interrupt this message with some important news…

  1. Shtinkykat

    Federal court case, eh? I’m guessing it’s a drug trafficking case or transporting illegal immigrant case. (I know you can’t discuss it so don’t respond!) Hope it’s an exciting case and glad you’re enjoying the experience.

  2. debtfree2009

    I love jury duty. The cases are so interesting to me. The one type of case I haven’t served on is a murder trial. Not sure how I would handle that. Hope it is an interesting case.

  3. Christine

    Hi All, it should be moderately interesting. I got picked right off the bat! Probably because I sound empathetic from where I work. Hmmm…

    And sorry, shtinkykat… I didn’t get that lucky in a subject for the case. lol. but, it should still be interesting. Least I get to take a brake from work. I have a pharaceutical monitoring visit I am getting out of! Woo hoo. One less stress.

    Make it a great day!

  4. PJ

    I would love to be on jury duty!! (I am sure I will eat those words someday though…)

    Enjoy the time off from work!!

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