Using up the Produce

It was much to my delight a crazy, but productive weekend. Yes, delight. I seemed to have been in one of my cooking modes, again (and not because of the Easter holiday). I just whip up a bunch of stuff either due to needing to use up the produce or just the to experiment in the kitchen.

I love when I can spend time in the kitchen making a mess. Something my veteran navy man doesn’t understand! He would be my shadow and clean up my mess if he could. ha! But, he has learned to let me be until I am finished concocting my dishes. Marriage – a merriment of two souls working together.

Well, this weekend I decided to see how I could use up the produce in my fridge. I dislike when I throw out a bunch of food due to it going bad before I use it. Such an unecessary waste! Plus, we may be an industrialized society, but someone worked hard to produce the crops. This is part of my respecting life, trying to eat seasonal and buy only what I need. When I grow veggies in my garden I hope to be able to utilize all the crops. To see my hard work go to waste would not be good!

I like this challenge to see what creativity in the kitchen I can whip up!

So, I made tzatziki for my sliced veggies (first time I’ve ever had it and it was yummy); Carrot & Potato Soup to use up the left over carrots I had in my fridge (I put in single containers and froze for future eating); and a batch of Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yum!


The Carrot & Potato soup was really easy to whip up and tasted like Thanksgiving dinner in a soup! Definitely worth trying. Definitely going into my cookbook. And it’s low in fat & calories! Win-win situation.

And you know what? If I plan on downsizing my income to live in the country this was an optimal task, as it only costs me $2.50 to make the big batch of soup! I got 4.5 servings from it!

3 thoughts on “Using up the Produce

  1. Money Funk

    Meyser said…

    You brought a smile on my face by writing about making a mess in the kitchen and your husband being eager to clean it up… here it goes exactly the same way (and we’re only 25 and almost 27, wonder what the future brings…) sometimes when I’m cooking, I can’t find the ingredients which I thought were right in front of me… Turns out that they’ve already been put away (not by me!).

    I don’t know if it goes well with the seasoning you use for the carrot-potato soup, but you might try to squeeze an orange in it? It gives the soup a great bright orange colour and a really surprising freshness, very summer-like.

    I think your blog is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

    April 16, 2009 11:27 PM

    cococricketsmama said…

    that’s so funny beacuse it’s opposite of my husband and me. I like to clean as I go, he likes to leave everything out until well after the cooking and eating has been finished.
    your recipes sound delish-I’ll have to check them out for myself! We just made manhattan-veggie-clam chowder today. That green beans and grape tomato salad looks awesome!

    April 17, 2009 12:20 PM

    Alice said…

    Hi there, thank you for stopping by my blog! This all looks divine … I’m off for more of a root round!

    April 19, 2009 5:37 AM

  2. Money Funk

    Revanche: it is good, huh? I am glad I tried it, too. I just don’t care for the long process of salting the cucumber to draw the water out. Takes too long. lol!

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