Happy Thoughts

Ulrich-armstrong-redwoods-405nr042x1forWebYou know what makes me happy…

Music: Yesterday, I was listening to the radio play a great song by Pink Floyd. Sends me back to childhood memories when my hippy parents and I used to take our camping trips out to the desert or to the big redwoods of Oregon. They used to always listen to this type of music on our trips. I grew up with this genre of music.

Then today, I realized why I love college radio stations. Because they play the music I grew up with as a teen. The old school punk rock and stuff you just would never find anywhere else. There are some really good musicians out there in the local scene.

What else makes me happy…

  • My children sleeping peacefully
  • My cats jumping up on the bed in the morning meowing for attention
  • My cup of coffee in the morning
  • Beautiful pink-purple sunsets like the one last night
  • The big aweness of a full moon
  • The flowers in bloom in the back yard
  • And when $931.56 of my summer fund money is released to me! I saved up $35 biweekly for this fund. And now, I can enjoy what it will bring. Camping, the beach, new bedroom update for my daughter, and more money for Hawaii. It’s also great to save like this for a Christmas Fund. Do you have one in place?

It’s nice to realize the little things sometimes. Don’t forget to “smell the roses”. What small things in life make you happy?

6 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts

  1. Sharon

    I love my cup of coffee in the morning too! $931.56 is a great amount to go play with! I can’t wait to hear how you spend it!

  2. dinah

    so many things make me happy! sun and rain and friends and family and relaxing and visiting. i’m easy to please.

    that is an awesome amount of money to have saved up for the summer. enjoy it!

  3. admin

    @ Sharon: Mmmmm…. coffee. Well, if I do get around to redoing my daughter’s room I will make sure to take before and after pics.

    @ Dinah: Yes, I forgot to put the sun that warms my skin. I should hold onto the money for a Christmas account. Cuz I’ll be stressin’ then. lol.

  4. Rochelle

    My children playing together peacefully. I love to hear them laugh and talk to each other. Normally this only lasts a few minutes but it is bliss!

  5. admin

    @ Shtinkykat: And I’m thinkin’ about making some lumpia this weekend. MMmmmmm…

    @ Rochelle: Isn’t that a nice one. Doesn’t happen often… you’re right about that one! lol. It can be difficult with mine because they are 5 1/2 years apart. But it makes me happy when my older son nutures his younger sister by giving her a bandaid or a hug when she needs one. πŸ™‚

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