The Simplicity in Nature’s Harvest

Did you ever realize the simplicity in nature’s harvest? Today, during lunch I was eating a really yummy, juicy orange. Really good. But, it struck me that this orange was conveniently made for us; naturally wrapped in individual slices and packaged in a vitamin enriched orange skin that was easy to peel.

So, I started thinking of other food that was convenient from nature’s garden. And I thought of the Artichoke. I love steamed artichokes dipped in mayo. Mmmm… They are also convenient because each leaf peels easily from the stem and gives you just enough “meat” to enjoy. And then, when you get to the center there is a delicious artichoke heart to indulge. Happy goodness!

What else is made just as nice?

  • Bananas – perfect abundance of fruit to eat as a snack or cut in a bowl of cereal
  • Strawberries – offer a stem to hold while you eat the fruit
  • plums – small enough to eat a daily serving of fruit in minutes
  • berries – small enough to toss in a good salad
  • grapes – great to put in the freezer during summer and pop in your mouth as a snack (kids love this!)
  • sprouts – they grow just the right height to garnish a salad; no prep necessary

There is a lot of beauty and simplicity in Nature’s food. What is some of your favorite wholesome goodness?

3 thoughts on “The Simplicity in Nature’s Harvest

  1. shawna

    LOVE this post! Seriously, I love foods like these and have been keeping them on -hand at all times. Last night, I included 2 sliced oranges in the middle of the table at dinnertime, and everyone ate them like they never had an orange before. Such a simple thing, but I never think to do it. Tonight I added some celery sticks and baby carrots “family style”. I think if they’re on your plate we tend to think we must eat them, but when placed on a central dish, everyone just picks away. Super way to get the kids to eat veggies, too!

  2. admin


    It just hit me at lunch how convenient natural, wholesome food can be. It fascinated my lunchtime. I suppose its good to be easily amused. lol.

    That’s what I do with my family, too. Again, great minds think alike! I always put some type of fruit or veggie in the center of the table. Likes sliced oranges, apples, the artichoke, bowl of grapes, you name it! And it gets gobbled up. Your right… it must be a psychological thing that works.

  3. lynn

    At the moment, I’ve been appreciating the simplicity of eating plants. My brother-in-law is a scientist who does research on heart disease and diabetes. He says the best thing you can do to prevent these is a) diet and exercise; and b) eat plants. So we’ve been focusing on eating the artichokes and lettuce from the garden, and the lovely peaches and pears I canned last summer, along with other fresh produce from the grocery store. When you think of dinner in those terms, it makes things pretty simple. Plants.

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