The Bucket List

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Blog to note: Marelisa Online is owner of the AbundanceBlog. One blog, I fantastically stumbled upon.

As the new year is getting closer, I am growing older, and thoughts continuously ramble in my head… I think about what I have accomplished and have not accomplished in my life. What goals have I not set on paper? What goals have I not accomplished?

And one says, “Christine, why do let these heavy thoughts bog your mind?”

“Because” I say,”my marriage is ill, I hate where I live, I feel like I have been in purgatory for years, and I have yet to complete one of my major goals I hold dear to my heart.”

(begin the rambling)

  • I remember when i was a kid. I could sit for hours, draw detailed pictures of the brain (yes, I was no normal child), and locations of all where all the senses were located.
  • I had dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon
  • I loved to look at the stars and figure out constellations
  • I wanted to be an astronaut
  • I loved Halloween. I wanted to be a vampire.
  • I wanted a life being Indiana Jones with all of his adventures
  • I dreamed of going to the countryside of France – I think this is a past life issue
  • I used to write for hours creating books, poems and haikus.
  • I dreamed of traveling all of europe
  • Perhaps this should be my post about the 6 things you didn’t know about me

    I have losts all interests in those things above. And now, I feel as though I am losing my dreams.

    If you know me, you know that I am not one to sit and sulk for too long. I usually, with full force, will change my circumstances to realign my life to my pleasing. Even if changing hurts me acutely. As long as I know chronically it is better for me.

    But, this time… I am at a crossroads of hardships. Why? Because my children are precious to me. And I do not know if they can survive being that bold in life. The realignments, the adjustments. Anyway, let me return to my topic!

    I don’t want to lose my dreams. I have decided to do something TODAY that can get me jumpstarted back into finding my dreams. So, I think there was a coincidence that I ran into this post on Marelisa Online called, Start 2009 with a bang – Create a life list. Creating a list of all that you want to do before you kick the bucket.

    Things happen for a reason. I believe this post was a fortunate sign in my life. You just have to look out for those opportunities.

    Even though I am undecided about my decisions to make regarding my marriage, I have vowed to set my dreams and goals on paper. This way I can begin to work towards them by considering “what can I do today to make this dream a reality?”

    Let me share a few of those dreams with you:


  • United Kingdom – my 6th grade puppy love lives there
  • Italy – trying to make it there in 4.5 years (son’s 18th; daughter’s 13th bday)
  • Germany
  • France – Bastille Day
  • Japan
  • Oxaxca, Mexico – Day of the Dead Festival
  • New England states – I want the colonial tour
  • Languages I want to learn

  • French
  • German
  • Conversational Italian
  • Things I want to accomplish

  • Rock climbing
  • Finish a quilt
  • Open a restaurant
  • Expand my Baking Skills
  • Of course, these are only a few things I want to do. I still need to complete my list. I think that it is my new year resolution to step up to the plate and make some of this happen. My daughter is all with me on learning Italian. lol!

    What are some of the things you would include on your bucket list?

    p.s. – sorry for the personal aspect, but sometimes I just have to ramble my thoughts in order to get my brain cleared and situated.

    13 thoughts on “The Bucket List

    1. Northern Living Allowance

      Great post Money Funk! I went straight over to Marelise’s site and read the entry you linked. I’m feeling a little bit like you: getting older, reflecting on what I’ve done (or done), where I’ve gone (or not), etc. I’m currently mulling over the idea to go back to school full-time. I find I do this every year at this time, though. Mull and reflect and try to make changes.

      I like your life-list a lot. And I look forward to seeing them crossed off one by one by one… πŸ™‚

    2. Cheryl

      If you lived closer, I would open a bakery with you in a minute. We have alot of similar goals.

    3. Cent With Love

      Holy smokes! I was literally just sitting here thinking to myself “what am I doing with my life?” and wondering what steps I could take to accomplish or finish a goal that I once had of which I’ve lost sight over the years.

      Your post is perfectly-timed. Thanks!

    4. Shtinkykat

      Great post and great life list, Christine! When I get into the same melancholic funk about goals unachieved, I look up Randy Pausch’s last lecture on the web. Prof. Pausch is an amazing person who lived his life as we all should.

    5. Ms. MoneyChat

      Very interesting post. I do have a couple of wish list items…

      1. visit europe, asia, australia, africa and south america.
      2. learn spanish
      3. learn how to cook authentic dishes (i.e greek, mexican, filipino, etc).
      4. write a book
      5. create a personal financial curriculum for college freshmen and seniors.
      6. live life to the fullest daily!

      You must keep us posted on your progress to achieving your goals. I’m excited for you!

    6. Budget Mama

      Great post. It’s funny because my friend and I were looking are our ‘satisfaction charts’ and trying to figure out how to get some of our meters up such as fun, career, friends, family, etc… I love your list. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

    7. Money Funk

      Northern Living Allowance: I do the same time-and-time again, but I never seem to take that extra step. This time I’m definitely making it a goal to push that step further. πŸ™‚

      Cheryl: that would be fun to open a bakery. I love the smell of a bakery. And using my hands to create a yummy creation. I hope you can cross your goals of your list, too!

      Cent with Love: You’re welcome! Ya, its that time of year to ponder. So, I am glad this post haas the ability to serve as inspiration for you!

      Shtinkykat: Thank you for the head’s up. I have never heard of Prof. Pausch’s Last Lecture, but definitely plan on ready this transcript and watching the You Tube Video. Thanks! I need it!

      Ms. Money Chat: I will keep you updated on my goals, but please do the same! I love your list! And I think if you create a curriculum you’ll help many kids start their life off the right way!

      Budget Mama: how is your Christmas meal plannin going? I plan on working on my menu this weekend. Anyhow, if you learn how to up the meters, pass on the info! πŸ™‚

      Thank U, all! I will keep you update. πŸ™‚

    8. Sharon Rose

      Hi there-I really wish you all the best for your new goals and plans and I sincerely hope you can sort out your marriage. I too, have had problems but we’re trying to resolve our issues, its hard though. take care my dear.

    9. PJ

      hello my other me. I’m so bummed your having a rough time! I really hope things turn around for you!

      I totally get how your feeling though (I have had a few blah posts lately) I loved though how you listed some of your goals..amazing! Honestly, if I wrote out my own list – it would be SOOOO similar it’s scary!

      But really though, keep your head up rockstar because…well, because we all say so! ha! Just take things day by day and work towards your goals.

      One thing my dad always taught me was if you have a big dream, start small. write out your ideas for the restaurant. save what you write too! all notes! keep adding to it and figuring out all of your ideas. Most restaurants fail due to lackluster planning. But if you spend your time now planning what you would do in EVERY scenario – imagine how successful you can be when the opportunity arises to open your own place!!

      Just keep going hun – I know you can do it!! OH and when I get home today I am going to email you a couple links (they are in my faves) ….I think you may enjoy checking them out. =)
      (Sorry for the long comment eeek)

    10. Miss M

      I love cooking and baking and often think about opening up a store or catering business. But I have a poor track record with trying to make money at something I enjoy, it turns in to work! So I think I’ll stick with hobbyist baking and be content with dreaming. I like your list, get started right away!

    11. dinah34

      Hi Money Funk! Nice blog! I’m going to be popping in here often i think!

      I don’t have the recipe for the perishky…I’ll see if my grandma will part with it. lol

    12. debtfree2009

      This is definately something to think about. I sometimes think about what I will do once my boys are out of the house. One is in college and the other will be in a few years.

    13. Money Funk

      sharong rose: thank you for the support. marriage is tough! πŸ™‚

      pj: i am sorry i haven’t gotten back to you, but thank you for the links/email! And thank U for your support, too. I am gracious to have such a great group of blogging friends. πŸ™‚

      miss m: that almost sounds like a blessig in disguise. but i see your point in keeping your hobby a hobby. And I think that I am going to start baking more and continuing dreaming too… until ready to expand that dream.

      dinah34: TY for visiting Money Funk. I found a similar recipe at Mennonite Girls can Cook, but I would change the filling to your bacon, sauerkraut and caraway seeds. That sounds sooo good right now. :)~

      debtfree2009: you sure have your hands full! it sounds like a good time to start thinking about your list though. πŸ™‚

      I need to complete my list, but will probably have to wait till after the holidays to do so. And I have a plan that I will try something new probably every 2 months. that should give me enough time to save the money for that particular task. I am truly looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

      Have a great weekend!

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